Argireline is a relatively new beauty serum ingredient that is being used by a growing number of skincare and makeup brands. It offers a variety of anti-aging properties and can even compare to the results of getting Botox. To find out more about Argireline and why it is one of the best products in the beauty industry right now continue reading.

argireline peptide

What is Argireline?

Argireline is actually a chemical compound that often goes by its more official name acetyl hexapeptide-3. The chemical compound of it does have some fragments of snap-25 which is a substrate of the botulinum toxin which is more commonly referred to as Botox. It is one of the many reasons why Argireline is compared to the same results as getting Botox. Argireline can be added to serums, anti-wrinkle creams, lotions, and makeup products.

acetyl hexapeptide 3

How Does Argireline Work?

Argireline is very similar to the way that Botox works. It penetrates the skin which helps prevent the facial muscles from moving and creating creases. In layman’s terms, it freezes your skin in which helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles on your face and around your eyes. Argireline is made out of peptides which are a chain of amino acids that enters skin cells. This is what is responsible for causing lines and wrinkles.

Argireline Results

The facial muscles freeze causing them to become weakened and relaxed which helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles and creases. The same type of results that Argireline can produce is similar to Botox. It helps to fill in the appearance of wrinkles and smooth out fine lines for a much softer appearance.

Using Argireline VS. Botox

Many people think of Argireline as a weaker less potent version of Botox. In some ways it is. Both Botox, as well as Argireline, are derived from the same type of ingredients. Both products also work to target the same areas on your skin such as wrinkles, bags around the eye, and crow’s feet.

The major difference between the two is that Argireline penetrates the skin at a much slower rate. Since Argireline it is a face cream it will only reach the first couple layers of skin. Argireline works great for surface lines and wrinkles but it may not go much further than that. Since Botox is an injectable it can penetrate much deeper and reaches many different layers of skin.

Although the two are essentially working the same way and have the same kind of ingredients to reduce wrinkles. Each one does offer their own unique features, pros, and cons. Argireline is a topical treatment meaning there are no injections whatsoever. Individuals simply rub or pat the Argireline all over their face and eye area. The treatment will begin to take effect immediately and no other work is necessary.

Safer Alternative Than Using Botox

Botox is an injectable which means professionals will use small needles to inject the liquid into your forehead and other areas around your face. It will begin to work right away but many people will notice small areas of redness, tenderness, or bruising around the injection site. Because it is an injectable Botox can often be more effective or last for a longer amount of time than Argireline can.

Botox Injection

Botox is also more expensive (usually $500-$1,000 per injection) than Argireline. Also, it’s more time consuming since you have to have a professional inject it for you. Argireline makes it incredibly easy as you just rub the product on daily. Most people will see results fairly quickly and even better results with long term use. Botox is also not readily available online or at local retailers. It’s not possible to go to Walmart and buy Botox.

Argireline featured on Dr. Oz

Recently, Argireline became one of Dr. Oz’s recommended anti-aging creams. When Dr. Oz talked about Argireline he was very excited about how effective it is as an anti-aging cream. He wanted to show his audience how well it can work. Dr. Oz thought a demonstration of the results would be the perfect way to show how amazingly well it can remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Oz Argireline

They found a woman who agreed to be on the show. They had her picture plastered everywhere (including Times Square). Then they asked people “How old do you think this she is?“. Most people thought that she was at least 53 years old. Unfortunately, she looked much older than she actually was, in fact, she was only in her 40’s.

What happened next was amazing:

After she took Argireline she looked so much younger. She was able to get rid of her crow’s feet, remove wrinkles, and lines. Without a doubt, she had to of looked at least 10 YEARS YOUNGER. That’s some pretty amazing results to have with an anti-wrinkle cream. This is just one reason why Dr. Oz has praised Argireline.

Argireline Cream Side Effects

Most people have reported having ZERO side effects while using Argireline. According to this study, it is a much safer alternative than using Botox. Unlike Botox, you aren’t injecting a toxin (botulinum) into your skin to “freeze your muscles“.

Instead, it’s a cream that you are topically applying. You can use it almost anywhere such as your eyes or around your face. It almost begins working instantly to improve the skin. In a 2013 study, 48.9% of people found a significant reduction of wrinkles when using it on a daily basis.

There was some controversy over the long-term safety of Argireline. Some people online claimed that they had used Argireline for a while and started having negative side effects. They said it started to make their skin start to sag. This was largely dismissed and they weren’t able to replicate these claims.

For the vast majority of people, Argireline is considered to be safe. If you happen to have any adverse reactions you should immediately stop and see a health professional.

The Cost of Argireline

This really depends on a variety of factors. First, where you buy it is a huge variable of how much it’s going to cost. If you go into a store like Nordstrom and go to their skin care section expect to PAY A LOT for a product containing Argireline.


The percentage of Argireline is very important. You are going to want a product containing at the bare minimum 20% Argireline. Anything less than 20% and you might be disappointed with your results.

Argireline can range anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars per bottle. A good price for a high-quality Argireline is usually around $30 to $60. For the best results just make sure it’s 20%!

Where to Buy Argireline?

Since Argireline is becoming more and more popular it has become much simpler to buy. The Argireline serum is widely available online making it very convenient and easy to get. Many top websites sell the Argireline serum. Some of those sites include eBay and Amazon as well as

Many different Argireline filled products are available online as well as in a few select retail locations. Some retailers such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, GNC, and CVS sell great products that offer Argireline in them. They are very simple to find as they are listed as the top or main ingredient usually.

What Areas Does Argireline Treat?

Although Argireline can be used to treatment different parts of the body it is specifically formatted to work on the face. It helps to decrease lines and wrinkles around the mouth as well as the eye area.

It also helps to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. A lot of people have a lot of success of reducing their crow’s feet with Argireline. Some Argireline products specifically target skin around the neck to help reduce wrinkles and lines.

Who Makes Argireline?

Argireline can be found in many different skin care products. It’s a special patented formula that is owned by a Spanish company called Lipotec. For companies that want Argireline in their product, they have to license Argireline directly from Lipotec. On Lipotec’s website, you can find it’s product page here.


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Who Would Benefit From Using Argireline?

Although any adult can use Argireline it does have a few key benefits for certain people. Individuals with very fine lines and creases on their face can greatly benefit from using Argireline. Individuals with deep fine lines around the eyes and forehead can also benefit. This skin care product is fantastic for removing wrinkles but it also is great for anyone who wants to prevent wrinkles from happening in the first place. Those that have thin skin, who are showing early signs of aging seem to benefit a lot from using this product.

Applying Wrinkle Cream

Basically, anyone looking to change the look and texture of their skin can benefit from using it. It is a great alternative to Botox, much safer, much cheaper, and less invasive. Buying Argireline is also easier to buy since it’s a common anti-wrinkle cream additive.

There are many great reasons to buy and use Argireline. Not only does it aid in removing wrinkles and creases from the forehead, skin, and eyes but it also works to help prevent those wrinkles from happening. Starting a good skin care routine at a young age can help prevent and eliminate any creases or fine lines. It is easier to prevent wrinkles with Argireline than it is to treat them with Botox.

Have you tried Argireline? If you have used it please leave a comment below to share your experience.