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When the workout program “Cize” first hit the scene, there were skeptics. In a world full of different exercise programs people were quick to write it off as just another workout routine promising amazing results.

But as soon as people tried Cize they quickly realized this was a whole different animal. To put it in a nutshell, Cize is a cardio dance routine that is designed by Shaun T. to shed those extra pounds very fast.

It’s for those of you who need to start seeing results very quickly. The routines itself is very intense, usually lasting about 10 minutes at a time.

When Shaun T. conceptualized it, he wanted to create something that you would want to do, as opposed to having to do. Therefore, he rolled exercise with fun in the form of dancing into one product and called it Cize.

What is Cize?

Cize is about combining fun with exercise through the art form of dancing. However, some would ask, “Isn’t dancing, no matter what type, a form of exercise?

Cize Beachbody

While this is true, what Shaun T does is package it in a way that teaches you to get a workout, through dance, explained in a way that makes you want to learn how to dance.

There are people who are not comfortable with the idea of dancing because they feel they don’t have the “moves” to pull it off.

With Cize you don’t have to worry about that. This fitness program takes you step by step and shows you how it’s done. Even people who have never danced before get hooked as soon as they try.

How Does Cize Work?

The Cize fitness program by Beachbody comes on three DVDs. Altogether there are six dance routines. It also includes calendars customized for beginners as well as for advanced dancers. That way, no matter what level you are you can keep track of progress from the very beginning and set goals.

Cize Deluxe

Cize is not only about getting in shape through dancing. Shaun T. also includes a dietary regimen for people to follow. After all, we all know that even the best exercise routine means nothing if we don’t eat proper food. The dietary advice not only includes what to eat but when to eat it also.

Cize: Workout Dance Routines

Cize comes with six different dance routines. Every dance routine is set to a song by a famous artist. After all, who wants to listen to boring elevator music while trying to concentrate. The following is a breakdown of each routine:

Cize Dance

The Crazy Eights: This is the first one you will do and it is designed to make you feel comfortable with the whole concept of dancing. The instruction lasts 35 minutes and after you go through all the motions and feel comfortable doing it, you will do a full dance to “Hands in the Air” by Timbaland.

You Got This: The next step up, Shaun T. kicks things up a notch with a routine called “You Got This”. You will learn new moves to make you feel that you are making progress. Once you master the move of this routine, you get to dance to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

Full Out: By the time you reach the “Full Out” level, you will have been doing Cize for a couple weeks. And the name takes any mystery out of what it will be like. As you may have guessed, Full Out is when Shaun T. takes things and puts it over the top.

This one is the first all-out dance routine designed to make you huff and puff through it all. As for the song at the end, you will be dancing to? What else but “Lose my Breath” by Destiny’s Child.

In The Pocket: By the time you make it to the fourth level or “In the Pocket” your skill and confidence should be much better. The intensity of this level will be about the same as “Full Out”, but you will get exposure to some new dance moves.

So it’s more about learning newer dance routines to keep things interesting. Ariana Grande is the artist you will be grooving to and the song choice will be “Problem”.

Go For It: By the time you reach level five or “Go For It” your goal should be in sight. There will be noticeable changes on the scale and your attitude. You should be feeling more confident about your looks and dancing skills, and why not, you earned it. The song of choice for this level is “Pass That Dutch” by Missy Elliot.

Livin in the 8’s: This one is the grand final and the pace and mood, changes from the previous ones. The song is “Chandelier” by Sia and it is more of an emotional piece as opposed to a heavy-duty dance song.

Should You Buy Cize?

The benefits that come with moving your body in an intense way has been known for a long time. So why not do it in a way that is both, entertaining, as well as healthy? Cize accomplishes this in spades, and the numbers are proof of it.

Cize Beachbody DVD

Most people that try Cize out, usually have tried everything else and aren’t satisfied. This fitness program is a good alternative from the humdrum of regular gym workouts. If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over again with zero results. Then dancing your way to your target weight might be what works best for you.

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Cize has consistently ranked as one of the most popular exercise videos and people keep coming back for more. For those of you still on the fence about it, you need to take a closer look and give it a try. After all, you have nothing to lose except some extra pounds.

Thinking about buying Cize or another Beachbody fitness program? We want to know what you are thinking! If you could please leave a comment down below.