Insanity is a Max Interval Training routine for those who want to achieve maximum results within a 60-day routine.

This routine is for those who enjoy working out at home doing high-intensity workouts and want to completely reshape their body and health. Insanity is a Beachbody workout that is instructed by Shaun T.

In addition to muscle definition and cardio, Insanity comes with a calendar to keep you on track and a nutrition plan to help maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond the workout.

What is Insanity?

Insanity by Beachbody is a 60-day workout routine. Each routine lasts 45 minutes. The 45 minutes of Insanity are based on 3-5 minute blocks.

Insanity Beachbody

Those working out push the limits for those blocks and then get just enough relief to get some air and slow down a little before the next set of 3-5 minute blocks start up again.

This is referred to as Max Interval Training. When being pushed to its limit, the body must learn to adapt and that is what Max Interval Training does, it retrains the body to adapt to high impact workouts.

How Does Insanity Work?

Insanity comes with 5 Max Interval Work Out DVD’s that each focus on different aspects of your body throughout your workout routine. The first month is composed of the following workouts. Plyometrics works the legs and glutes.

Upper Body Resistance creates sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Pure Cardio is a high-intensity fat burning workout. Cardio Abs creates sculpted abs with an intensive core work out. Recovery gives the body the break it needs after a week of intense workout routines.

During the second month of Insanity, intervals get longer and new workout routines are introduced. The max interval circuit is one of the toughest interval workouts those doing Insanity will come across.

Max interval plyo takes the plyometrics workout from the first month to the next level. Max cardio conditioning pushes the body’s limits with extreme cardio workouts and Max Cardio gives the body the rest it needs to start again the following week.

These two months of workout routines work every muscle of the body to create maximum fat burning results and maximum toning and definition.

Benefits of Insanity

There are so many benefits to committing to the Insanity work out. There is the thrill of starting something difficult and seeing it through to the end. You will increase your overall health through the nutritional guide and workouts.

Insanity Before After

You will achieve a healthier lifestyle by losing body fat and building endurance. You will experience higher energy levels due to the increased endurance. You will feel a sense of pride over what you have achieved commitment and body wise. You will reshape your body in two short months.

Should You Buy Insanity?

Yes. If you want to achieve great body results and learn discipline and what a healthy workout routine is all about then Insanity is for you. If you are willing to work for an amazing body and healthy lifestyle then Insanity is for you.

When you purchase Insanity you are not just purchasing the 5 max interval workouts for the first month and the 4 new workouts for the 2nd month, you are purchasing a commitment to a better you.

In addition to your workout videos, you get the insanity 60-day wall calendar which directs you to which workout to do each day. You get a quick start guide to introduce you to what you will expect withing your 60-day Insanity workout routine.

You get a 60-day elite nutrition plan that features recipes and menus to provide the proper nutrition to accommodate your intense workout routine. Your Insanity purchase also comes with free 24/7 customer service care to help keep you on track.

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When you send in your before and after pictures, Insanity will also give a free t-shirt that says “I earned it” to award you for your dedication to the Insanity fitness program.

Have you done any Beachbody program before? Are you thinking about buying Insanity? We want to know what you have experienced! Please leave a comment down below.