PiYo is a fitness program that aims to give people real results. It doesn’t involve the use of any weights. Jumping isn’t at all necessary, either. This workout is a low-impact blend of fat burning, muscle sculpting and toning the core. It is very similar to yoga in many ways.

Just like yoga, PiYo helps people gain additional strength. It also is similar to yoga in that it gives people enhanced flexibility. People who wish to define their physiques and look trim and fit can get a lot out of participating in PiYo workouts.

What is PiYo?

PiYo was created by Chalene Johnson. She’s a prominent author, mother and fitness trainer to the stars. PiYo is effective for numerous reasons. It integrates fluid motions, yoga’s flexibility, and Pilate’s muscle toning benefits.

This fitness program differs from traditional yoga and Pilates, however, in that it doesn’t call for dual core motions and time-consuming poses.

It makes the concept of fitness significantly faster. People who are fans of energetic and flowing workout sessions, as a result, frequently enjoy PiYo.

This workout enables people to look down at their stomachs and see pure definition for the first times in their lives. PiYo is suitable for people of all fitness abilities. It’s also suitable for people of all different age groups. People young, old and somewhere in the middle can all participate in these workouts.

PiYo makes the calorie burning process a lot of fun. It also makes boosting flexibility and muscle toning a lot of fun. Vigorous workout sessions can often be extremely taxing on the body. PiYo never is, though.

People who want to avoid high-impact sessions often appreciate PiYo’s low-impact approach. It doesn’t cause unpleasant pains and aches, either.

How Does PiYo Work?

PiYo consists of a total of seven workouts. These workouts are available on three DVDs. They cover a vast range of pertinent topics, too. Participants can learn about alignment and all of the basics of moving the body.

They can learn about lower body definition, upper body definition, sculpting, sweating, strength intervals and endurance. If you want to attain arms that are toned and trim, PiYo can help you do so. If you want to make positive metabolic shifts and boost your muscular endurance in a significant way, PiYo can help you accomplish this.

PiYo can even help you work on the power of your lower body. It can help you enhance the strength of your calves, hamstrings and glutes alike. This workout program is suitable for people who want to get rid of fat and tone up. It’s also ideal for people who want to do these things without the risk of taking on a bulky appearance.

PiYo adopts a gradual approach. Participants learn more and get significantly stronger with every week that goes by. They slowly but surely accumulate additional bodily strength. They also accumulate endurance and flexibility.

Advantages of PiYo

PiYo workouts can do so much for participants. They can help participants drop unwanted pounds and say goodbye to calories. They can give people definition they thought was only possible in their wildest dreams. They can make people feel significantly more flexible and resilient.

They can help people sculpt and tone their muscles to perfection. If you’re someone who constantly feels stiff, rigid and like you can barely move your body, the PiYo workout approach may be right up your alley.

If you look in the mirror see flab and excess fat, this workout approach may be ideal for your goals and needs as well.

PiYo workouts cover so much different and equally relevant components. They help people who want to concentrate on their glutes and lift their rear ends.

People who want nothing more than to achieve flat, tight and toned stomachs can get a lot out of these energetic and efficient workout sessions. PiYo can be a lifesaver for those who want powerful backs and obliques that are chock-full of pure definition.

Pricing for PiYo Workout

The cost of PiYo depends on how you buy it. Sometimes Beachbody will slash prices on all of their products and you can get this program for a steal. Though, this typically isn’t the case.

You can either buy PiYo normally for $59.85 which gives you complete access to the program. Or you can buy Beachbody On Demand which entitles you to the entire Beachbody workout program collection for one year at $99.95.

PiYo is convenient because it doesn’t require a lot of preparation, either. If you want to participate in PiYo, you don’t need much at all. You simply have to invest in a basic yoga mat. You also need a towel and H20.

PiYo’s exercise sessions aren’t at all lengthy, either. Some of them are as brief as 25 minutes. Others are longer at roughly 45 minutes or so. Most of the time they’re typically around half an hour long.

PiYo lasts for sixty days and gives participants access to workouts six days out of the week. It’s perfect for people who want to see quick results. It calls for a lot of tough cardiovascular exercise and because of that is optimal for people who want to make fast changes.

Should You Buy Beachbody’s PiYo Workout?

If you take part in PiYo workouts, you should notice changes much earlier than those participating in Pilates or yoga. People who are looking for convenience in their daily workout sessions should think seriously about purchasing PiYo.

PiYo isn’t exclusive to people who are already in peak physical condition, either. It makes a great exercise option for everyone, period.

People appreciate PiYo for another big reason, too. They admire Chalene Johnson. Chalene is a fitness trainer who genuinely understands how to help people.

She has an upbeat and positive spirit that’s infectious. She gets people pumped about physical fitness and about making key changes to their physiques and to their overall lifestyles.

If you’re looking to transform your body in a healthy way. Then purchasing PiYo might be a great option for you. PiYo workouts can help you win the “Battle of the Bulge” with confidence and ease.

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