Bowflex MAX Trainer

Exercising on a daily or every other day basis is hard! Being consistent is difficult because many of us have such busy lives that we either forget to work out or we don’t have enough time for it.

Bowflex aims to bring an effective exercising machine right into the comfort of your home with the Bowflex Max Trainer. Since it’s in your house you should be able to work out more and get all of the exercises you need.


Is the Bowflex Max Trainer worth it?

Take a look at our unbiased review to find out for yourself!

What is Bowflex MAX Trainer?

Bowflex MAX Trainer is a unique piece of equipment that can perform almost all exercises you need to get in the best shape of your life. It has been said that the Bowflex MAX Trainer is similar to an elliptical, exercise bike, and treadmill.

Bowflex MAX Trainer M5

Unlike these three machines, the Bowflex is a mixture of all three machines combined into one. Through this one specific machine, you can receive the benefits that many other machines can give you.

Why use the Bowflex MAX Trainer in the first place? In our very busy lives, it can be difficult to dedicate time and commitment to a variety of workouts. The Bowflex was made specifically for people that need to get the same intense workout in through many machines, into a single one.

As we begin our work week, the last thing we want to do is spend a few hours working out at the gym. With the Bowflex, you do not ever have to worry about stepping out of the comfort of your home to get the energy you need to strive every day.

Bowflex MAX Trainer Benefits

The Bowflex was designed for those who need to burn more in very little time. Throughout the Max Interval program, you will get the many cardio workout benefits in a matter of just 14 minutes. It will also help you have a stronger heart and increase stamina.

You will be able to do all this while burning more and more calories throughout your 14-minute workout. After this short workout, your body will continue to burn calories for 48 hours as your muscles take time to repair themselves.

Bowflex MAX Trainer App

You can also track your progress and all the specific details of your workout through the MAX Trainer App, which is available on Android’s Google Play and Apple app store. This tool shows you a number of calories you are burning per minute and the activity level you are on.

It also helps you to record every performance and adjust to your fitness needs. This allows you to set yourself goals and push yourself to work harder every workout. Peloton Cycle is similar to the Bowflex MAX Trainer in that you can use it in the comfort of your home.

How Does Bowflex MAX Trainer Work?

Similar to an elliptical machine, you will move your feet in oval motions to receive minimal impact on your joints. The Bowflex then will work your upper and lower body for incredible results.

As you move up and down, you will work muscles in your arms and legs at the same time. The Bowflex also helps you have an even more intense workout through the simple act of changing your hand positions. This is easy to do by using the v shaped handles. The machine also contains 16 levels of resistance.

You can change the resistance levels by pushing the 9 buttons on top of the machine. There are also different buttons you can push to change your heart rate levels through heart rate sensors located on the handles. You also have the option of changing the resistance on your upper and lower body.

This “reverse elliptical machine” will give you the best results. By using simple movements, you will be able to achieve a full body workout. The benefits can be endless when you try the Bowflex machine.

As you continue to use this machine, you will quickly see results by toning your body and losing body weight. This efficient machine is fun and keeps you motivated every workout you do.

This machine is extremely helpful for people who live in apartment complexes or studios because of how little space it takes. It also does not have the heavy lifting sound a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical would make.

Should You Buy Bowflex MAX Trainer?

For people who want to get fit fast, the Bowflex is definitely worth buying. It is time to get in the best shape of your life through a few simple steps.

Bowflex guarantees to help you achieve all of your workout goals by using one of two models. The M3 model comes out to a price of $999 with a one year warranty.

This model has 8 resistance levels and manual and max interval programs. It also has a water bottle holder and a media shelf. Although, it does not have Bluetooth syncing with the app or a backlit display.

The second model, the M5, is $1,599 with a two-year warranty. This model has 16 resistance levels and contact grips for your heart rate and a chest strap. This model also has Bluetooth syncing with Android or iOS. To achieve max results, get your very own Bowflex MAX Trainer today.

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