As we get older we start to “forget things“. Our memories begin to fade and our cognitive function begins to decline. Most people just accept this as a fact of life. But does it really have to be this way?

CogniShield is a nootropic brain boosting supplement that has claimed to help people “Come back from Alzheimer’s”. There is no known treatment for the disease. The creator of CogniShield, Adam Rand claims that the ingredients in it were successfully used to help his father recover from Alzheimer’s.

Please keep in mind this is not actually a cure, but the way in which it works has made some people say that it can cure Alzheimer’s.

What is CogniShield?

CogniShield is a nootropic that is designed to improve brain function and memory. They claim that it can reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms hence increasing focus. It also boosts the brain’s output by maintaining healthy brain cells. The brain becomes relaxed, satisfied and stress-free.

CogniShield Bottle

The creators claim that Cognishield plays an important role in keeping memories intact by facilitating the interaction of neurons. This, in turn, makes neurons flexible and absorbent. It also removes toxins from the brain.

Which will ensure that it guards the brain against assaults and improves the brain’s ability to recall memories. While raising both the mechanical and operational ability of the brain.

CogniShield Nootropic Ingredients

CogniShield contains four nootropic ingredients:

Piracetam – When taken in high doses, it helps improve memory, improve mental endurance, and physical endurance.  Has been shown to provide neuroprotection benefits.

Noopept – Is 1000x more powerful than Piracetam. Studies show that if it is given to both patients with or without cognitive decline. Then there is a cognitive improvement due to its neuroprotective properties. Noopept was discovered by Soviet Scientists in the 1960s.

CholineA nutrient that is found in foods such as eggs and almonds. Is a building block for increased memory and learning abilities. Choline converts acetylcholine the neurotransmitter. Which improves reaction and coordination times. While keeping communication lines between neurons wide open.

L-Theanine – Most commonly found in tea. It has been used for centuries to neutralize the effects of caffeine, reduce anxiety and promotes a relaxed feeling without feeling drowsy. If taken regularly, then it stimulates the brain’s ability to remember and learn.

CogniShield Ingredients

These nootropic ingredients are designed to work synergistically to unlock the full potential of the brain. These ingredients can work on their own and be a strong memory and cognitive enhancer.

However, the four ingredients become much more powerful when used in combination. This is how it can help fight against degenerative mind problems. Which can plague our minds as we age.

Benefits of CogniShield

There are many benefits that have been associated with CogniShield. The ingredients that are in this supplement have been well studied. Some of the most profound health benefits include:

  • Enhancing the memory and focus
  • Helping assist the body to give proper nutrients to the brain
  • Provides increased sleep quality
  • Improves its users with increased energy
  • Removes harmful toxins from the brain
  • Boosts cerebral blood flow
  • Improved concentration

If you want to improve your focus and energy. Then Cognishield might be the supplement to get you out of that mental fog you may be dealing with. Improving brain function is the primary benefit to taking this product.

Nootropics have been around since at least the 60’s. There are hundreds of studies to back up the benefits that they can provide.

How Much Does CogniShield Cost?

The price of CogniShield depends on how many bottles that you buy at a time. Just like a lot of other supplements out there.

The more that you buy, the greater discount that you will receive. If you want to get a bigger discount now. Then you should look into buying the bigger package.

One Bottle (1 Month Supply) – $69.00
Two Bottles (2 Month Supply) – $118.00
Four Bottles (4 Month Supply) – $196.00

CogniShield Price

The great thing about CogniShield’s pricing is that they don’t automatically send you monthly shipments. You can just buy their product once and not have to worry about being billed again.

Though, if you wish to get a new bottle every month you can subscribe to their membership program which will entitle you to even greater discounts.

Who Makes CogniShield?

CogniShield is produced by a company called Holy Land Health. Recently, Holy Land Health has become extremely popular. Most of their products have sold out at some point due to their increase in popularity. They create a number of different supplements for a variety of health problems.

Holy Land Health

Holy Land Health’s mission statement says that they are a “Christian Based Wellness Company“. Which means that they use Biblical principals to help formula their nutritional products.

Website: | |
E-mail: |
Phone Number: 1-844-862-6464
Address: 1180 N Town Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Holy Land Health’s other supplements include:
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Complete Metabolism
Trinity x3

Why Would You Want To Buy CogniShield?

CogniShield contains the best nootropic substances available. It will help you fight most brain related issues. While enhancing cognitive performance. If you have brain problems, this supplement will empower the brain against dangerous diseases.

There are no known negative side effects for those taking CogniShield. It’s made from safe and natural ingredients. These ingredients have been proven to be very powerful. There is no prescription needed to buy this supplement.

There are tons of reviews out there from people who have given positive testimonials about the effectiveness of this supplement. Some have even said that they haven’t felt this amazing their whole lives.

If you are unhappy with CogniSheild, then there is a 60-day money back guarantee. This is great news, it gives people a little time to make sure that this product will work for them.

Should You Buy CogniShield?

If you need improved focus and concentration then Cognishield might be the perfect supplement for you. Inside this product, there are 4 high-quality nootropic ingredients that have plenty of research to support their brain boosting benefits.

According to the makers of CogniShield, people with Alzheimer’s are recommended to take this supplement. As everyone knows Alzheimer’s is a very dangerous disease that makes people forget everything and causes mental performance to sharply decline. With that said, you should discuss everything with your doctor before taking this or any supplement.

Adding this supplement can be good for your brain’s health. This product has been shown to have great potential to improve normal cognitive function and relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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For most people, this product is at least worth trying. Although there is very little information about the company that makes CogniShield. It kind of worries us a little but if the product works then it’s worth taking the risk and buying it.

Have you tried CogniShield? Are you thinking about buying it? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment down below.

  • I have tried Cogni Shield and many others, but this one gives me a much clearer mind. I will always take it!