Dollar Beard Club

In 2015, Chris Stoikos and Alex Brown co-founded the Dollar Beard Club. Since then, the business has grown into a massive company that has over 400,000 Instagram and 500,000 Facebook followers.

Dollar Beard Club is an exclusive service that delivers oils, shampoos, waxes, and other items to a person’s door for a minimal fee. This program is for the man who wants to create and maintain a healthy beard. This beard treatment system brags that it can make any boy into a man.

What is Dollar Beard Club?

Dollar Beard Club is a subscription program that offers a variety of products starting at $1 each month. With this subscription, the Dollar Beard Club offers various products from the following categories:

Fundamentals – The building blocks and foundation of a grooming routine
Essentials – Vital for beard health and grooming
Accelerators – Helps provide a full, thicker beard
Necessities – Hygiene products that make a beard beautiful

Dollar Beard Club knows how to market its products with a variety of YouTube commercials. The company started out with a humorous ad on YouTube. Their commercial is a parody of another brand’s commercial (Dollar Shave Club).

Their videos have millions of views and because of this Dollar Beard Club is becoming a very popular brand in men’s grooming. People like Dan Bilzerian have made appearances in Dollar Beard Club commercials.

How Do You Get a Membership into Dollar Beard Club?

Dollar Beard Club is a monthly subscription service. You pick the products that you want and they send them to you monthly. Getting a membership is extremely easy to do and can be completed in just a few steps:

Step 1: The customer must choose an All-Natural Beard Oil which comes in a 0.5-ounce bottle or a 2-ounce bottle. Two different varieties are available which are Sandalwood and Original. A person does not have to choose a type of oil because each of these steps can be skipped by hitting the “continue with membership” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: The second step involves picking a type of balm. Dollar Beard Club offers Balm in a 1-ounce bottle, Cream in a 2-ounce bottle, Sandalwood Balm in a 1-ounce bottle, and Wax that comes in a 0.5 ounce can. A customer can choose a product or continue with the products from Step 1.

Step 3: All natural shower items are selected in Step 4. The company offers their body wash in an 8-ounce bottle and their shampoo in a 4 or 8-ounce bottle.

Step 4: Dollar Beard Club provides a variety of accelerators in this step. The accelerators include a growth oil which comes in a 1-ounce bottle, growth vitamins that contain 60 capsules in a bottle and a growth vitamin spray. This beard accelerator is very similar to what Beard Czar offers.

Step 5: This step is where a customer can add accessories such as a beard brush, beard comb, stainless comb, DBC hat, and Sandalwood mustache comb.

Step 6: After choosing the products, Step 6 is where the customer checks out and pays the first month’s shipment and then the club sends out the same selected items each month.

Even though the pricing starts at $1 a month, the actual price per month is based on how many products a person orders with the initial order. Membership is required, but the Dollar Beard Club provides a guarantee that will refund a customer’s money if they are not satisfied with the products. Dollar Beard Club membership can be canceled at any time.

Benefits of Dollar Beard Club Products

Each of the products offered by Dollar Beard Club has a variety of benefits. The oils afford a softer and smoother beard with a minimal amount of beard inch. The beard will look shiny when using the oil, but it will not be greasy. The oils also repair damaged hair in the beard.

The balm can be used as a cure for “bed beard” where the beard looks like the person just woke up. An individual may use the balm to shape his beard, and it will control any frizziness of the beard. If the beard has any patchiness, the balm will help reduce the amount and will soften the hair.

Dollar Beard Club’s cream hydrates and nourishes the skin while also reducing itchiness. The cream has a non-greasy formula that softens, conditions, and tames unruly beard hair. It will also protect your beard from exposure to harsh climates.

The wax allows the customer to shape and style the mustache with ease and includes essential oils to make the mustache healthy and vibrant. If a person hates to eat his mustache while eating, this wax can prevent this from happening.

With its hydrating formula, the body wash leaves the skin moisturized and smoothed while getting rid of dirt and odors. The scent is not aggressive but enjoyable which women will appreciate.

The shampoo cleans, moisturizes, and refreshes the beard without dehydrating it. The shampoo helps eliminate beard dandruff and provides a detangler formula.

Ingredients in Dollar Beard Club Products

Dollar Beard Club products have a variety of natural ingredients inside of them that will provide the best results for your beard. The company boasts that they spent years developing unique formulas for all of their products.

The oil is primarily used to moisturize the beard and make it have a shiny, healthy appearance. The five ingredients in the oil items are:
• Sweet Almond Oil
• Argan Oil
• Fir Needle
• Jojoba Oil
• Cedarwood Atlas

The balm and wax products are used to shape and tame unruly beards. These items have the following ingredients:
• Sweet Almond Oil
• Shea Butter
• Fir Needle
• Orange
• Beeswax
• Cedarwood Atlas
• Lavender

The cream is also used to provide moisture to the beard and mustache. The ingredients listed for the cream are:
• Purified Water
• Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
• Dehydroacetic Acid
• Cedarwood Essential Oil
• Xanthan Gum
• Apricot Kernel Oil
• Organic (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Power
• Vitamin E
• Benzoic Acid
• Sandalwood Essential Oil
• Organic Coconut Oil
• Cetearyl Coco-Glucoside
• Organic Shea Butter
• Phenoxyethanol Citric Acid
• Lactic Acid

Dollar Beard Club’s body wash and shampoo are used to clean the beard area and nourish the hair follicles. They have similar ingredients which are:
• Cedarwood Essential Oil
• Pine Scotch Essential Oil
• Caster Oil
• Safflower Oil
• Grape Seed Oil

Should You Buy Dollar Beard Club?

If a person is serious about beard and mustache hygiene. He should sign up for the subscription, so the products are sent each month without any effort. The offer does provide money back guarantee, and the subscription can be canceled at any time. With these types of conditions, a person can try the club risk-free. The products may be worth it for them.

If you have a beard or are currently trying to grow one. Then you know maintaining a beard can be very difficult. Sometimes it can be itchy or unruly. You will need products that will help you grow a fantastic beard that other men will be jealous of. Dollar Beard Club might be the solution to your needs.

Have you tried Dollar Beard Club? Are you thinking about trying it out? Want to hear what you think! Please leave a comment down below.