Fairlife Milk

Most people associate milk as being a very healthy natural drink. For the most part, this is true. But there some things about milk that people don’t like. Whole milk has a ton of fat and fat contains a lot of calories. If you are trying to lose weight this isn’t exactly helpful. Not to mention those who are lactose intolerant CAN’T drink milk.

Recently, Coca-Cola partnered with Fair Oaks Farms to produce a low-fat, lactose-free more nutrient packed milk called Fairlife Milk. Now it might seem weird that Coca-Cola is in the milk business. From a business perspective, it makes sense because consumers are becoming more health conscious. And of course, Coca-Cola wants to make more money.

What is Fairlife Milk?

Fairlife Milk is ultra-filtered which makes it more nutritious than regular milk. Fairlife Milk is fairly new (no pun intended…) so you may not have heard of it before. You are probably wondering what makes it exceptional?

Well for starters Fairlife Milk is lactose-free and has less fat than normal milk. The ultra-filtered process that is used on Fairlife Milk begins with high-quality real milk. Then, it is run through a unique filtering system.

So you might be curious and ask, what does that do, what is the effect? Delicious and milk that is enriched with nutrients. The benefits of Fairlife milk are it has 50 percent added protein and 30 percent increased calcium.

Plus, just half the sugar that is normally provided in other milk products. And for those that have problems with lactose, it is completely eliminated.

Fairlife Milk Vs. Real Milk

Some other health benefits include Fairlife Milk as being a healthier choice to add to your daily intake. Diets consist of 8 ounces of milk per day. It is related to building healthy bones and teeth.

Studies revealed that women can lessen their discomforting effects of PMS. This is achieved by drinking low-fat milk throughout the entire month. With milk sales being down due to adults believing that milk is fattening because of the added sugar. Milk should not be thought of as the nemesis when the consumer is concerned about sugar.

However for individuals with diabetes as well as those people closely keeping an eye on taking in carbohydrates, 6 grams of regular milk is Fairlife Milk can prove to be substantial.

Another benefit of drinking Fairlife Milk is it performs greatly as a post-exercise or training routine for guys wanting to get fit and lean. Because of the milk containing reduced sugar than other popular milk products on the market.

What Does Fairlife Milk Taste Like?

Fairlife Milk’s extreme filtered is actual milk and it has an astounding taste. Along with the delicious taste, you gain healthier nutrition since using the super filtration method. You might wonder where all the additional protein and calcium comes from. It derives directly from the milk itself. The milk is split into five distinct ingredients, water, butterfat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and lactose.

Then after the components are once again blended in different portions. So there the need of adding additional protein is not necessary. The same with the calcium powders. These are already in the milk.

When it comes to whole milk, skim milk, including the 2 percent milk those are completely natural. The only difference with the Fairlife Chocolate Milk is a sweetening ingredient is used.

Is Fairlife Milk Organic?

The consumer may ask if the ultimate milk is considered organic. But the answer to that it is not. The company sets and stands by the highest grade for excellence. The making use of their farming process and are committed to the attention they give to the animals.

And similar to organic milk, the cows never consume growth hormones. Parents will be happy to know that the Fairlife Milk products are 100% harmless for the children.

There is nothing to worry about since it is real milk. The truth is it equivalent to a regular Greek yogurt when considering the amount of protein. Then with more calcium and half the sugar consumption that ordinary milk has, it makes for an ideal and very healthy nutritious portion of his or her daily nourishment for the day. This pertains to all ages.

How Long Does Fairlife Milk Last?

Did you know that Fairlife Milk has an extended shelf life compared to ordinary milk. the reason is quite simple really. It takes place during the processing technique. Regular milk is pasteurized at a high temperature roughly 15-20 second intervals.

The procedure also takes less time. So by achieving this method, it provides Fairlife Milk with a significantly longer shelf life when the milk is not opened. Once it has been opened, the guarantee of freshness is the same as the regular milk.

Some people who have tried Fairlife Milk noticed a slightly different smell than normal milk. Therefore it caused the buyer to be concerned and worried if the milk was safe to drink. The explanation for the off smell is because of the packaging.

There are incidents where a light aroma becomes sealed inside. It should evaporate after a couple of minutes. And still taste scrumptious. And to mention this is an extreme seldom occurrence. But this minor dilemma is an issue they are constantly working on.

What is the reason for Fairlife Milk being lactose-free? There are people when they drink lactose which is natural sugar in milk, it tends to cause discomfort for their stomachs. Everyone can now enjoy drinking Fairlife Milk. And you will not be able to taste the difference like you can with other absent lactose from milk.

Fairlife Milk Product Line

Fairlife Milk offers many different kinds of milk products. The 2% reduced fat white milk, organic milk, almond milk, and soy milk. Serving size is 120 calories. Chocolate reduced fat milk. Besides this one, there is also organic chocolate milk, chocolate almond milk, chocolate soy milk, 140 calories per serving.

The company offers skim milk which is just 80 calories per serving. And also available in the skim milk is the organic, almond and soy. The whole milk produced by Fairlife Milk is tasty, rich and smooth. And also can be bought in the organic, almond and soy flavors.

These are 150 calories per serving. Fairlife Milk also manufactures a special line of milk just for kids called “super kids.” The white milk comes in organic, almond and a specialty milk filled with DHA Omega-3 and only 120 calories per serving.

The chocolate milk is available in regular, chocolate almond, chocolate soy and organic. There is as well a DHA Omega-3 chocolate milk to support healthy brain function and healthy hearts to give kids what they need to grow. One serving is 140 calories.

Should You Try Fairlife Milk?

There are so many reasons to choose to try, or switching to drinking the healthier milk. Fairlife Milk supplies great choices in flavors and adults, as well as children, would love it. Anyone and everyone would benefit from this milk.

Women, individuals living with diabetes, men that desire a lean body and children with the ingredients they require as their bodies, hearts, and brains develop.

  • I’m finding out that when opened the shelf life is ONE WEEK before it starts to smell. As with each progressing day the smell is worse. The milk tastes the same but unsealed the shelf life is long. I like this milk but it must be consumed quickly before the awful smell appears.

  • I love this milk. I use it in coffee and even with my protein powders. Thank you for making this kind of milk available to us, that is the Bariatric surgery people…

  • I purchased a carton of Fairlife 2% and really like the flavor. My only objection is that the carton is too tall. Even 1/2″ shorter would be able to fit in my refrigerator door or shelf. For this reason, I’ll continue to purchase Lactaid 2%. I know this is a small complaint, but would appreciate a shorter container.

  • With the long shelf life on top of the milk, it’s deceiving…..you say as long as it hasn’t been opened but once it is opened, it only last about a week before it starts to smell….why not just put an expiration date on the top that’s realistic?? Don’t deceive the customers!!