Fit Tea

Detox tea has grown in popularity in the last few years. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of toxins and waste from their body? Fit Tea, one of many detox teas out there has quite the following of supporters online.

Fit Tea claims to offer its customers an energy packed, fat burning, and healthy detox tea. But does it really work and is it actually worth buying? We get down in the “weeds” to find out!

What is Fit Tea?

Fit Tea has been called a “super tea“. It’s supposed to contain a variety of different teas such as Green Tea and Oolong Tea with other natural ingredients. They are supposed to work together to detoxify the body while helping you burn body fat.

It’s a fact that there are many health benefits to consuming tea. Humans have been consuming tea for thousands of years. Most cultures around the world depend on tea like they depend on coffee.

This all-natural detox tea claims to aid in weight loss by speeding up metabolic rate, cleansing your body and boosting energy levels. One little cup of Fit Tea in the morning is all it takes. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Fit Tea was designed to complement your existing health routine.

Ingredients in Fit Tea

Let’s talk about the ingredients in Fit Tea and their benefits. All of the ingredients are 100% natural. They are supposed to work together to provide you with the best detox possible.

Fit Tea Ingredients

Green Tea – Posses a thermogenic process which causes cells to increase energy to encourage fat burning. Green Tea has been shown to boost metabolic rate by four percent.

Oolong Tea – Increases metabolic rate, lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis, and can improve thinking and mental awareness.

Garcinia Cambogia – Its active ingredient is called HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid. HCA suppresses appetite and prevents fat from ever forming, instead, it turns it into energy.

Ginger – Similar to the same metabolic boost that Green Tea can give you. Ginger uses thermogenesis to make it a powerful fat burner. It also assists with the bodies digestion and being a natural diuretic. Which means that it forces your body to get rid of excess water that ultimately slims the body down.

Rooibos – Has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties that can improve the bodies immune system function.

Pomegranate – This tasty fruit lowers LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol which can contribute to the hardening of arteries. Pomegranate, in turn, raises the HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) that absorbs cholesterol, carrying it back to the liver and flushing it from the body.

Guarana – Acts as an appetite suppressant, helping you eat less food. Guarana also contains caffeine which will increase your energy levels.

Birch –  Yes, like the tree. Birch cleanses toxins from the body and aids in weight loss.

Stevia, Corn, and Honey powder are all added in Fit Tea for sweetness, flavor, and aroma.

Aside from the amazing things that these ingredients do for the body, all are certified by various organizations and agencies like the FDA and CGMP. Fit Tea is labelled as, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non GMO.

Fit Tea Health Benefits

The obvious health benefits of Fit Tea are weight loss, fat burning, improved mental awareness, better immune system efficiency and digestive health.

Fit Tea has been used as an effective detox tea. As you probably already know, our body collects toxins and waste throughout our body. Using a detox tea like Fit Tea helps you to naturally get rid of these unwanted dangerous substances.

This tea contains only natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about anything that is unsafe. This is great if you are trying to avoid products with synthetic or artificial ingredients.

before after fit tea

Making sure that you avoid free radicals is vital if you want to maintain a healthy body. Fit Tea is jammed pack with antioxidants that the body can use to fight free radicals and prevents them creating damage.

If you buy directly from Fit Tea they offer their customers a 110% guarantee on all of their products. This means that they will pay you if you don’t like their product.

All over the internet you will find positive testimonials about the results people have gotten from Fit Tea. Most people have commented about how great they feel after they do a 14-day detox with this tea.

Should You Buy Fit Tea?

After reading reviews, seeing both the positive and the negative. We feel confident that Fit Tea is a great detox tea that you can add to your lifestyle. Almost everyone can benefit from all of the organic natural ingredients.

To our delight this detox tea actually taste pretty good. If you don’t know, a lot of other detox teas taste horrible. You can’t even finish drinking them because of how bad they taste. The best way to describe the way they taste is if you take a cup of dirt and drink it.

Yea it can be that bad…

One thing that people might be turn off about Fit Tea is the price. While we don’t think it’s that expensive it certainly might be a lot for other people. Fit Tea’s 14-Day Detox costs $25.00. While you can get a lot of regular tea for that price. You can’t get a detox tea like this one that has so many powerful ingredients.

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If you are looking for a healthy detox tea. Then Fit Tea can be a great addition to any diet plan and exercise program. It will help you slim down, get rid of harmful toxins, and give you a boost of energy. If you buy it and don’t like it, just return it and get a 110% refund.

Thinking about buying Fit Tea? Have you tried Fit Tea before? We want to know what you are thinking. Please leave us a comment below.