Genie Hourglass

Women who want to achieve an hourglass figure may want to give Genie Hourglass body waist trainer a try. Genie Hourglass is a modern day corset that trains your waist by slowly tightening it until you get a smaller waistline.

Genie Hourglass waist shaper claims to slim your waist by two sizes. Are you slim but want that hourglass figure? Are you trying to lose weight and need a little extra help?

Two types of women can use Genie Hourglass waist trainer, relatively thin women who want to achieve an hourglass look and women who are trying to lose weight. The waist training aspect of this waist training belt is can help both of these types of women.

What is Genie Hourglass?

Genie Hourglass waist trainer is a belt for the waist that tightens to give women more of an hourglass look. This small belt works in the same manner as a corset. Though it is smaller than a corset and is only for the waist area it can help change the shape of the body.

genie hourglass waist trainer

This waist shaper is made up of 80% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 70% Polyester, 30% Elastodiene. Genie Hourglass waist trainer uses Double Compression Waist Training Technology to smooth unsightly bulges and slim the waistline. The Hourglass Genie can help women achieve an hourglass figure within a few moments.

Though the Genie Hourglass makes many claims it doesn’t always deliver. Yes, it will give a woman an hourglass figure. This works best with women that are not overweight and just need to use Genie Hourglass to define their curves.

This waist trainer is worn underneath the clothes and can temporarily give a woman an hour glass figure. This will only last for as long as the waist shaper is worn.

genie hourglass sizing chart

However, keep in mind that for safety women should not use the Genie Hourglass waist shaper for long extended periods of time. Once the Genie Hourglass is removed the waist will return to its natural shape.

Genie Hourglass waist shaper claims to help you lose weight and train your waist to a smaller size. Though there is no clear proof that it can do so. For some people, weight loss may occur when using the Genie Hourglass.

But it will be due to over tightening of the waist trainer and the inability of the person wearing it to eat a decent amount of food. The stomach and other internal organs will be compressed making it difficult to eat well. The tighter the Genie Hourglass has been tightened the more discomfort when eating will be felt.

How Does Genie Hourglass Work?

As indicated by the manufacturer, Genie Hourglass works by temporarily slimming the waistline, smoothing unsightly rolls of skin and helps to define the waistline into a desirable hourglass figure that is admired by many and wanted by women.

genie hourglass before after

The manufacturer claims that Genie Hourglass waist trainer can reduce the waistline by two sizes with its double compression technology. Simply wrap Genie Hour Glass waist training belt around the waist and fasten it. Then tighten the waist training bands to slim down your waist.

Benefits of Genie Hourglass Waist Shaper

There are many reasons why someone would want to use a waist trainer like Genie Hourglass. A few of the benefits why you would use a waist trainer are below:

– It can give a woman an hourglass shape for a short period of time
– Conceals the belly
– Provides back support
– Improves posture
– Slims waist up to two sizes

There are clearly some benefits to wearing the Genie Hourglass waist training belt but women interested in purchasing and using this product must realize that there is also some danger of using it improperly.

As mentioned before, Genie Hourglass waist shaper and waist trainer is a modern day corset and it has some of the dangers associated with a corset. When you compress part of your body may have difficulty breathing, fainting, restrict and damage internal organs, and compromise digestion and bowel movement.

These dangers increase if Genie Hourglass waist shaper is tightened to tight. Use caution when using this waist trainer or any other waist trainer out there. Dr. Oz even did a segment about a women who had severe health issues related to waist training.

Should You Buy the Genie Hour Glass?

Genie Hourglass is not that different from other waist trainers that are currently on the market. In fact, it is also similar to some back support braces that also offer double compression but unlike the back support braces. Genie Hourglass is not that wide and depending on the size of your belly it may roll up or down.

genie hourglass results

This waist trainer would benefit women who are at an appropriate body weight but have a banana, pear, or rectangular body shape and who desire an hourglass figure. These women can safely buy and use the Genie Hourglass as they won’t be tightening the Genie Hourglass too much.

Women who are trying to lose weight by waist training should reconsider. Tightening the waist trainer too much will cause discomfort, difficulty breathing and eating due to internal and external compression of the waist and internal organs.

These women should not buy a waist trainer but instead focus on losing weight in a healthy manner through diet and exercise. Any woman who buys and uses a waist trainer should use caution. Make sure you don’t tighten the belt too tight, and only wear it for brief periods of time.

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