Losing weight is HARD!

There is simply no other way to put it. Fad diets, weight loss pills, and weird machines have all been used to help people lose weight. It seems that the weight loss industry is always going to pump out “NEW WAYS” to help people lose weight.

Everyone knows that the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. Of course, that’s way easier said than done. One new diet plan has become very popular. With many testimonials claiming it to be very effective. GOLO has been plastered all over the place from TV commercials to internet advertisements.

The real question is…

Does GOLO work?

What is GOLO?

GOLO is a scientific diet plan that is supposed to optimize your body. This diet plan breaks down into three parts that are planned to optimize your insulin and metabolism. It is a thirty day at a time diet program so it is not overwhelming to your body.

One of the founders of GOLO is Dr. Keith Ablow, he is New York Times best-selling self-help author and from John Hopkins school of Medicine. GOLO is formulated to help your body with insulin resistance and boost your metabolism.

Dr. Keith Ablow

High insulin levels can cause excess weight gain because it makes your body store fat. By choosing this diet plan it will help your body regulate insulin production to help you lose weight. GOLO gives you step by step meal plans that will help you turn food into fuel for your body.

When you are doing the GOLO diet it’s suggested to take the supplements that go along with the diet plan. These natural supplements help your body control its insulin and helps keep you from overeating at every meal. GOLO also provides you with 5 excellent exercises that target your body excess weight areas.

It is a diet plan to help you keep from yo-yo dieting and not have to count your calories. It provides you with specific guidelines that will help you optimize your body and lose that weight that you have always wanted to be gone.

How Does GOLO Work?

There are three parts of the GOLO diet plan:

How Does GOLO Work

This part of GOLO is the soft gel capsules that you take. This supplement is called Release. You are supposed to take it before every meal. They are made of organic flax seed and other natural plant ingredients. It “releases” chemicals into your stomach to help you eat only what you need and not let you overeat. The ingredients inside of GOLO’s Release supplement also help reduce any weight gain and make your body burn stored fat.

Meal Plan
This is GOLO’s state of the art meal plan that will help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. It is a very specific plan that will help turn your food into fuel for your body. They have each meal measured for perfect portions to help lose weight and not over eat. It is not a set day to day plan. You can pick the meals that you would like to have on any given day.

How Does GOLO Work

GOLO for Life
This is a part of the diet plan that helps you stick to your diet and achieve your weight loss goals. It provides tips and tricks that help you not overeat. You can also meet and socialize with other members who are doing the GOLO diet so you can stay on track.

Overcoming Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a big reason why GOLO was created in the first place. The founder of this program found that our bodies struggle with insulin resistance.

It’s what makes it so difficult for a lot of people to lose weight but so easy for you to gain it. This is why a lot of Americans today suffer from diabetes. Insulin resistance is about your body’s production of insulin.

insulin resistance

When your body produces insulin it is to fuel your body by turning it into glucose which turns into energy. If there is too much insulin being produced then your body has a harder time turning it into glucose for energy rather your body stores it. This stored glucose will turn into fat.

Eating too many calories and living a sedentary lifestyle will cause you to gain a lot of weight. To help your body with insulin resistance following the GOLO plan is a good idea.

Metabolic Fuel Matrix

Metabolic Fuel Matrix is GOLO’s patented and personalized eating plan. It’s supposed to work together with the Release supplement to help users lose weight. The whole premise behind Metabolic Fuel Matrix is that it is designed to give your body the proper fuel to be a fat burning machine.

Metabolic Fuel Matrix

This diet plan helps you pick the right foods. It’s important that your body has balanced nutrition. Using the Metabolic Fuel Matrix will help your body stop storing fat and use food that you eat as energy.

GOLO estimates that new users will lose about 1-2 pounds a week. If they follow the Metabolic Fuel Matrix and take the Release supplement. People who have followed this eating plan have noticed a reduction in hunger and cravings, weight loss, and improved energy.

GOLO Exercise Plan

GOLO’s exercise plan is made anyone even if you haven’t worked out before. GOLO wants people to exercise so they ease you into a healthy workout routine.

There is a detailed workout guide that gives step by step instructions and pictures to show you how to do the exercises. The exercise guide has all kinds of different exercises to choose from.

There is a variety of exercises that you can do for your arms, legs, and back. They show arm lifts and lap pull downs all in the comfort of your home.

All of GOLO’s exercises rely on your own body weight. So you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy in the name of exercise. You just do simple body exercises that have been proven to work.

GOLO Release Weight Loss Supplement

The Release supplement by GOLO is one of the main reasons why this diet plan is so effective. When you use Release in combination with a healthy diet that helps you overcome insulin resistance. As well as, starting a healthy exercise routine, Release increases weight loss by supporting the body with natural ingredients.

GOLO Release

Release Ingredients:
Magnesium – 30mg
Zinc – 5mg
Chromium – 70 mcg
Proprietary Blend – 405mg

The proprietary blend consists of Banaba Leaf Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract, Gardenia Fruit Extract, Salacia Bark Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, Inositol, and Barberry Bark Extract.

GOLO Ingredients Label

This supplement also has other ingredients including organic flaxseed oil, gelatin capsules (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, and annatto), yellow beeswax, and sunflower lecithin.

Consuming Salacia tea before each meal has the possibility to reduce hemoglobin levels. This is what affects people with type 2 diabetes. That is why GOLO helps diabetics lower insulin levels.

One thing we don’t like about proprietary blends is that you don’t know exactly how much of the ingredient you are consuming. The reason why companies like GOLO use a proprietary blend is because they are keeping their supplement a secret from other supplement manufacturers.

When taking any supplement there can always be some concern for side effects. Before taking any supplements you should always get the go ahead from your doctor. Though, Release has been proven to be safe.

GOLO Release Dosage & Side Effects

According to GOLO’s Release supplement fact sheet. You should take 1 Release soft gel 3 times daily. Also, they advised that you take Release during the middle of the meal and not before the meal. They say to never take Release on an empty stomach because it might cause low blood sugar.

There are no known side effects for Release. It is not recommended to take more than 3 Release soft gels in any one meal. Not to exceed more than 9 soft gels in one day.

You can adjust the dosage to meet the goals that you are looking to achieve. Below is a chart that will help you determine what dose of Release will work best for you.

GOLO Release Dosage

Clinical Studies for GOLO

Over the past several years GOLO has conducted a number of trials to test the safety and efficacy of their diet program (which includes Release). These trials were both done in the United States and South Africa between 2009 and 2014.

These trials concluded that GOLO was able to help people lose weight very effectively. Even if the individual was 100lbs overweight. According to the study, it was found that GOLO was safe for the individuals who took part in the trials.

GOLO Results

These studies were supervised by doctors that recorded their blood levels and how much they had lost. They checked on the participants at the beginning, the middle, and at the end.

It was recorded that the average person lost 14.5 inches around the waist. Which is about 2 dress sizes in just ninety days.

At six months into the trial, the participants lost 23.3 inches around the waist which was 3.4 dress sizes. While the participants did this trial of the GOLO diet they did not plateau.

At the end of the year, they had lost a total 29 inches around the waist. Which are a result of 5 dress sizes and 8 pant sizes all in only a year.

The results from this study were quite remarkable. Other than the weight that the people lost. Some individuals were even able to stop taking their diabetes medication (with the consent from their doctor).

GOLO Before After

Most participants noticed about a 1-2 pounds of weight loss every week. When you compound that for a number of weeks. The amount of weight that you can lose is staggering.

After the study was completed, the volunteers took a questionnaire. A lot of them noted that GOLO was the easiest diet plan that they had ever followed. The meal plan, exercises, and the supplement Release really aided them with their weight loss goals.

How Much Does GOLO Cost?

The great thing about GOLO is that it is truly affordable. Also, GOLO does not engage in any auto-billing or rebilling practices. Not only that but they have a generous 60-day money back guarantee. It should be noted, if you do get a refund, GOLO won’t pay for return shipping. Just keep that in mind, that is pretty standard practice though.

When you buy GOLO you will get the 30 day Rescue Plan. This includes everything you need to get started. Also, it grants you access to myGOLO.com which is GOLO’s online portal. On myGOLO.com there is a community forum and customer support just a click away.

GOLO Price

There are three options for GOLO when you go to their product selection page. You can buy a 30, 60, or 90-day rescue plan. The only real difference between each of these plans is the amount of Release that is included in each one.

30-Day Rescue Plan – $49.95
60-Day Rescue Plan – $79.95
90-Day Rescue Plan – $99.90

To re-order Release you have to purchase a Rescue Plan first. When you buy a Rescue Plan you will receive a membership to myGOLO.com. Then you are eligible to buy more bottles of Release.

Additional Bottles of Release:
30-Day Supply – $34.95
60-Day Supply – $59.90
90-Day Supply – $74.85

One thing that we like about GOLO’s pricing is that they don’t do automatic billing. Every time you want to buy a new supply of Release. You have to enter your payment information again.

Unlike, other companies that will rebill your card every month and send you a new shipment of supplements (without your consent). You don’t have to worry about being billed every month by GOLO unless you place another order.

Since GOLO doesn’t automatically bill their customers monthly. You will not get scammed by them. Whatever you order from them is exactly what you will receive no more no less. Also, if for any reason you don’t like their program just return it within 60-days to get your money back.

Who is Behind GOLO?

As we have previously discussed, Dr. Keith Ablow is one of the founding team members at GOLO. He is the brand ambassador, that is kind of a fancy way of saying he is the spokesperson for the brand. You will see him on commercials and other marketing related material.

GOLO Founders

Other people who are behind GOLO is Mariaan du Plessis who is responsible for formulating the Release supplement. Also, she has worked in tandem with Dr. Conrad Smith and Dr. Terry Shirvani in creating and maintaining the GOLO program.

Website: https://golo.com
E-mail: support@golo.com
Phone Number: 1-800-730-4656
Address: 630 Churchmans Rd #200 Newark, DE 19702

Should You Buy GOLO?

If you trying to figure out if you are going to buy GOLO or now. You should take a look at some of the results that have been accomplished when this diet plan has been used.

There really is no risk to you if you go ahead and buy GOLO. There is a 60-day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you just don’t like it or you don’t lose any weight. Call GOLO up and tell them to give you your money back and they will!

I don’t know about you, but I have been on some pretty terrible diets in the past. Instead of losing weight, I would actually gain weight! Even worse, I would feel tired all the time and unmotivated because the diet that I followed was worthless.

This is why we feel confident in telling out readers to try out GOLO. There are tons of testimonials out there that can confirm the weight loss results from this program.

In GOLO you can choose your own meal plan. This helps people lose weight for a number of reasons. You will find that it will make your diet a lot more pleasurable. Which seems to make it easier to stay on track because you are enjoying the foods that you are eating.

This program mostly targets people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Though, this diet program is for everyone. Being insulin resistance is a major health concern in the United States and around the world.

Overall, GOLO is a solid diet program even though they claim not to be one. One interesting thing about GOLO is that they were the #1 searched diet on Google in 2016. It seems that its popularity is only rising!

Have you tried GOLO? Are you thinking about trying it out? We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment down below.