Gundry MD Primal Plants

Superfoods have become a trendy word that has often been thrown around in commercials and other advertisements. Even though the word superfoods has been overused. They can be extremely beneficial and cure certain health problem we may have.

Primal Plants is a nutrient-packed essential superfoods blend. It contains 25 superfood ingredients that aim to support digestion and metabolism. But can Primal Plants really live up to all of the hype that it gets? Read our unbiased review to find out if this product from Gundry MD is right for you.

What is Gundry MD Primal Plants?

Primal Plants by Gundry MD is a superfood supplement that contains many vitamins and minerals that can help you become healthier. This supplement is made from various plants and vegetables that are essential in good health.

The doctor behind Primal Plants is Dr. Steven Gundry MD. He formulates all of the products that he makes for his brand Gundry MD. All of his products have received a ton of praise because of the high-quality ingredients that he uses and for the fact that they actually do provide results.

Taking Primal Plants is easy you only need to take one scoop and mix it with any liquid that you would like. It’s very quick dissolving so you won’t have to worry about any clumps. Primal Plants is easy to drink and comes in a mild green apple flavor.

How Does Gundry MD Primal Plants Work?

This supplement has a combination of broccoli, Sylvestre leaf, mulberry leaf, fennel seed all into one formula. The idea of combining these ingredients is because of their richness in polyphenols.

Polyphenols are chemicals that are organic which are known to bring about a reduction in the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Due to the richness in polyphenols, Gundry MD Primal Plants is now popular due to the benefits that accrue from taking this supplement. The best part of using this supplement is that it works from within your body.

Primal Plants Health Blends

Heart Health Blend – Formulated by use of tannin-rich fruit extract which goes by the name Capros amla fruit extract.

Superfoods Green Blend – Helps boost energy levels while helping the user lose weight. It has 11 powerful vegetable polyphenols.These include broccoli, cinnamon bark, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf, mulberry leaf extract, pine bark extract, Rhodiola Rosea root extract spinach, diindolylmethane, and berberine HCL.

Metabolic Enhancing Blend – This formula contains six ingredients that help in metabolism. These ingredients include black pepper, bitter melon fruit extract, white tea leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, and ginger root.

Probiotic Blend – Bacteria levels in your gut are well balanced due to the formulation using 4 probiotic strains.

Digestive Support Blend – Contains 2 digestive enzymes which have a mixture of pectin that aids in the digestive system getting more energy from foods take. The ingredients include modified citrus pectin and bromelain.

Gundry MD Primal Plants Benefits

Considering the many positive reviews of this product, one can only come to one conclusion. It works! Many customers compliment the results which are effective. These results include increased energy levels, reduced facial redness, reduced cholesterol levels, increased blood flow, reduced bloating and gassiness.

By using Primal Plants it helps with improving digestion, boosts the health of the heart, effective against skin discoloration, and many other skin disorders.

Since polyphenols are secondary metabolites that are actively involved in the defense of the skin against ultraviolet radiation plus any attack by pathogens. Polyphenols that are contained in this supplement are well known to have antioxidants properties. Antioxidants help in the fight against free radicals which many at times causes cancer in humans.

Gundry MD Primal Plants Ingredients

All 25 ingredients in Primal Plants are naturally sourced and are made from the highest quality materials. This formulation uses proven ingredients that provide the nutrients your body craves to excel at its best. Below is a partial list of the ingredients found in Primal Plants:

Primal Plants Ingredients

Thiamine – Taking of thiamine through the mouth helps in the correction of metabolic disorders that are mainly associated with genetic diseases.

Selenium – Use of these ingredients help in the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Folate – Reduces high blood pressure and for treating anemia.

Biotin – Helps in addressing rashes in infants more specifically seborrhea dermatitis.

Melon – Helps in reduction of blood sugar while at the same time eases problems associated with gastrointestinal.

Probiotics – Help reduce bloating, gassiness, balances digestion, and more importantly boosts immune system function. The probiotic blend helps in the balancing of levels in your gut. since it has the 4 probiotic strains.

Pine Bark Extract – Very good when it comes to vascular function. Increases the flow of blood thereby regulating blood pressure.

Ginger Root – Helps manage blood sugar while easing digestion.

Capros Amla Fruit Extract – Used as a cardiovascular support.

In each scoop of Primal Plants by Gundry MD, contains only 10 calories, 2 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of fiber. It is also sugar-free, soy-free, lectin free, and made with no artificial sweeteners. It should be noted that it does contain milk.

Should You Buy Gundry MD Primal Plants?

Dr. Steve Gundry MD researches everything he puts into his supplement line. He carefully inspects every ingredient that is added to any of the products he sells. It’s well known that his products are some of the highest quality supplements that you can get.

Primal Plants is a unique supplement that uses polyphenol-rich green superfoods to help increase energy levels, improve digestion, and better the metabolism. If you have more energy then you can, of course, do more things which is great for those that feel unfocused and tired all the time.

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The cost of Vital Reds can be a little pricey. Coming in at around $100 for a month supply is out of most people’s price range. With that said, this superfood blend does has some amazing ingredients that can improve your health. We think that if you have the money to pay for this supplement then you should at least try it out.

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    • Hi Rosemary! I’m Aria from Gundry MD. Thank you for your question. We do not suggest that anyone who is lactose intolerant consume Primal Plants due to the fact that it does contain milk. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at Take care!