Hairfinity is a vitamin hair supplement, like SugarBear Hair, that promotes hair growth and improves scalp health. It helps to strengthen the strands while repairing split ends, giving you a lustrous beautiful flowing mane in which to be proud of. Having the capability of restoring hair, growing up to one inch per month.

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Within several months of taking Hairfinity, your hair will become thick and shiny. It has given people more self-confidence when going out in public. Those suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments are turning to this method of regrowth. Eliminating the need to cover up balding sections or thin spots.

What is Hairfinity?

You already know Hairfinity is a power vitamin hair supplement. It has been used by thousands upon thousands of people from all around the world. On social media, Hairfinity has over 4 million followers. They must be doing something right. But what really separates it from all the other hair growth supplements?

This one thing:

Capilsana Complex is Hairfinity’s special weapon in helping women (Men too!) from all walks of life make their hair stronger and longer in just a couple of months. The way in which the Capilsana Complex works is that it produces Keratin to build strength supported by Biotin. This process stimulates the growth of existing hair which repairs and helps new hair grow.

Why Should You Choose Hairfinity?

Hairfinity produces its products in an FDA certified facility. Which means that they are meeting or exceeding the FDA’s strict supplement manufacturing practices. Hairfinity also has no harmful side effects, produced with all natural vitamins and minerals without involving any drugs.

Hairfinity Vitamin Supplement

Recent tests have shown that it promotes the growth of hair follicles while reducing brittle dead ends. Some people have even noticed an improvement in their skin’s pigmentation. Sometimes your hair doesn’t grow the way you want it to. It can seem like it’s dead and you aren’t sure what to do about it. This is what Hairfinity excels at, bringing lifeless hair back to life.

What’s Inside Hairfinity?

The ingredients inside Hairfinity are specially formulated to work together. This helps to grow your hair stronger and healthier than before. One of the main vitamins that are in this supplement is called Biotin, also known as B7. Generally used to promote healthy cell growth, it also helps maintain good blood sugar levels. Biotin will create stronger fingernails and strengthen your hair follicles.

Hair Vitamins

Another ingredient is Vitamin A, which is an organic compound. It is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and good vision. As well as encourages hair growth, lengthening your strands within taking the first dosage.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin found in Hairfinity. It’s used to repair damaged hair while eliminating split ends. Not only that but it has the added benefit of keeping skin and bones healthy.

Hairfinity contains Silica as well, which is a gel form of Sodium Silicate. Keeping hair more manageable and smooth, encouraging the body to produce more collagen. Which makes up 25% of the bodies protein, the end result being longer thicker follicles.

Hairfinity Ingredients

You will also find Capilsana Complex proprietary blend inside of Hairfinity vitamin pills. This is a combination of amino acids acting as a hair repair system. It is also a producer of both Keratin and Collagen, which are essential for healthy growth of strands.

Pantothenic Acid, also known as B5 which is also found in this product, is used to process proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that are in the body. It promotes healthy skin and fingernails, which is a key ingredient that is in high-quality shampoos and conditioners.

Additional Ingredients in Hairfinity

The Vitamin C used in Hairfinity creates moisture rich hair follicles, restoring it back to health. Turning thin weak strands into strong vibrant ones. It also helps those who suffer from dry scalp and dandruff.

Folic Acid is another active ingredient that is required for acquiring healthy brain functions, tissue growth, and the development of cells. This is a vitally essential element in helping hair to grow and when the body does not take in enough it prevents the strands from becoming healthy. Folic Acid is also important for heart health and the cardiovascular system.

There are numerous vitamins in Hairfinity that effectively help promote healthy strong hair, including Calcium. Which is a necessity for bones, teeth, and hair. It is also good to take for heart regulation, as well as treating patients suffering blood clots.

Benefits From Using Hairfinity

Hairfinity will improve your health with the various vitamins that it contains. Self-confidence is raised with stronger more beautiful hair. Your lovely locks are extended tremendously and will have a wonderful sheen to them. This product improves hair follicles and pretty much eliminates dead brittle ends. It will also improve skin and fingernail health, as well as promote stronger bone growth.

Comparing Hairfinity to Other Biotin Supplements

Tests have shown that taking Biotin alone won’t give you the results that you are looking for. However, those who’ve tried Hairfinity have had amazing success with getting healthier longer hair. The reviews for Hairfinity have piled up all over the internet. It’s extremely hard to find a bad review about their product.

Hairfinity Results

This isn’t to say that Biotin supplements are all ineffective. But with Hairfinity it uses multiple ingredients to increase the effectiveness of Biotin. It supplies vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles that need it the most. This is crucial if you want to grow your hair faster and stronger than ever before.

REAL Hairfinity Results

A question that comes up a lot about Hairfinity is “Does Hairfinity actually work?“. You don’t have to look too hard to find that answer. If you look at people who have used Hairfinity on Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else on the internet.


You will find that those who have used it. Say nothing but good things about their experience with it. It’s not a mystery that it can actually produce results. There is proof of it everywhere online. Positive testimonials for Hairfinity has flooded social media.

Results With Hairfinity After 1 Month

Most people that start taking Hairfinity will experience pretty amazing results within the first month. On average there seems to be about one inch of new hair growth. PLUS your hair should be fuller, softer, and stronger.

There Are Even Better Results After 2 Months

After you have been taking Hairfinity for about 2 months. You will continue to see additional hair growth. I hope you like long beautiful hair because that’s exactly what you will have.

Hairfinity Results Two Months

Hairfinity Results After 3 Months

The results that you can get after using Hairfinity for 3 months is nothing short of a miracle. A lot of people are AMAZED that their hair can look this good. Everyone can grow beautiful hair. Sometimes you need some help to unlock the beauty that is really there.

Hairfinity Results Three Months

Who Makes Hairfinity?

The company that produces Hairfinity is Brock Beauty. The hair growth vitamins are not the only thing that they sell. Hairfinity makes a whole line of shampoos, conditioners, and skin care products.

Brock Beauty also owns a few other beauty brands.

They include:
Infinite Lash

Brock Beauty
Website: |
Phone Number: 1-888-387-4151
Address: 840 Oak Harbor Blvd, Slidell, LA 70458

How Much Does Hairfinity Cost?

It should be noted that Hairfinity is NOT SOLD in stores.

The two reliable places to buy their products is from their website and Amazon.

We think the price of Hairfinity is fairly reasonable. For the supplement industry, they charge a pretty middle of the road price for their product. Buying directly from their website, a one month supply is going to be $25 a bottle. If you buy more you will save more (sort of). The savings for buying multiple bottles isn’t that great…

Hairfinity should really be more generous with their multi-bottle discounts.

  • 1 Month Supply: $25
  • 2 Month Supply: $49 – $1 worth of savings!
  • 3 Month Supply: $73 – The highest discount they offer. 2 DOLLARS!!!
  • 4 Month Supply: $99.96 – A 4 cent discount?!?! Is this a joke?
  • 6 Month Supply: $150 – They must have gotten lazy. No discount for you!
  • 1 Year Supply: $300 – Yea, they need to fix their pricing.

All orders over $75 qualify for free shipping.

Hairfinity Shipping Prices

If you only buy one bottle of Hairfinity it will cost you $7.95 for ground shipping.

Come on now… Shipping that bottle, which weighs less than 4 ounces, would cost less than $3 via USPS First Class. And I know they get better shipping rates than that. This is a common business practice so it shouldn’t shock you. Just be mindful of it.

Avoid The Auto Ship Program?

From what we can tell the reason why they do their pricing with practically NO DISCOUNTS on multiple bottle orders. Is that we suspect they want you to get on their autoship program. Basically, instead of you placing a one time order. They will send you a bottle every month. While some people do like the convenience of being on an autoship program. A lot of people don’t, so if that’s you don’t sign up to their monthly service.

They do give a discount if you enroll their program. It’s 15% off, which comes out to $21.50 a bottle instead of $25. Don’t forget the $7.95 shipping! Every month that you are on their autoship program they will charge your card $29.45 until you cancel.

Hairfinity Auto Ship Policy

One thing I find weird is that they don’t even give you a discount when you initially get on their autoship program. Directly from their autoship program policy:

Your original purchase will be processed at full price and each purchase thereafter pursuant to the autoship program will reflect a 15% discount off the sale price until your membership is canceled.

If you are interested in buying Hairfinity, our suggestion to you is to NOT BUY from their website. Instead, buy Hairfinity on Amazon. It’s around $25 a bottle and if you have Amazon Prime you will get free shipping. Even with the 15% discount, you won’t save any money being on their autoship program. It will still cost you more compared to Amazon. Because you are paying $7.95 for shipping.

Are There Any Coupons Available?

A lot of people ask if Hairfinity gives any coupons for their products. If you check out their Instagram they may post a coupon code every once in a while. It’s typically only 15% off, even with the discount it’s still cheaper to buy from Amazon.

The coupons that Hairfinity “gives away” are practically useless. Now, if they give you like a 25% off or 50% off coupon then you should hop on that. But other than that Hairfinity doesn’t really offer any coupons that are actually worth using.

Should You Buy Hairfinity?


Want longer hair?

How about stronger hair?

If you answered yes to either (or both) of those questions. Then Hairfinity might be the perfect thing to help you out. For those that are getting older (more mature) sometimes thinning hair is just a part of life. But you can reverse this hair thinning process.

Based on the results that we have seen from Hairfinity. It’s possible to grow fuller, healthier, and more vibrant hair than you ever thought possible. You will have to consistently take Hairfinity in order to get the same results that you might have seen from other people on Instagram or Pinterest.

Hairfinity does contain proven ingredients that can help grow hair stronger and faster. There is a lot of “social proof” that Hairfinity works. If you search #Hairfinity on social media (Instagram) you will find a ton of before and after pictures.

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Even though we aren’t pleased with Hairfinity’s pricing structure. When you buy directly from their website. There are a lot of people that have achieved some amazing results while taking Hairfinity. That is what really matters, if you want healthier hair then this product might be for you.

Have you ever used Hairfinity or another hair growth supplement before? Are you thinking about buying it? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment down below to start a conversation.