Health Product & Supplement Reviews

Health Products & Supplement ReviewsHere at Authority Nutra, we enjoy writing about all kinds of different health products and supplements. There are hundreds of thousands of different products out there. That means there are many buyers that are searching for unbiased reviews about a product before they decide if they want to buy or not.

Every review we have on our website is taken very seriously. We know there are a ton of companies out there that fleece their customers. These companies make claims that are simply not true. Unfortunately, scams run rampant in the health and wellness world. We want to help our readers spot scams so that they can avoid them altogether.

Our Review Process

To combat unethical companies we thoroughly review every product or supplement that crosses our desk. We find out everything that you need to know before buying. Some of this information might include:

What is it?

Seems simple enough but sometimes a description of a product or supplement doesn’t adequately describe what it actually is. We get to the point and tell you in layman’s terms what the product is.

How does it work?

Now that you know what a product is. You are then going to need to know how it works. Sometimes companies try to make their product seem overly complex. The reason they do this is to overload you with information.

By doing this they think you will just believe their claims and buy their product. We break down how the product works so that you can be better informed.

What are the benefits?

Benefits are the reason why anyone buys anything. Everyone wants the benefits that a product or supplement can give them. This part of our review process is crucial in helping our readers make the best buying decision.

We make sure that when we are writing about the benefits of a product that they aren’t too far fetched. There are some benefits that can be backed by scientific studies and others are only based on testimonials. We give you the knowledge to decide for yourself if a product’s claims are to be trusted.

How much does it cost?

We examine the price of the products that we review. This helps you the consumer find out if you actually want to buy the product or not. There might be a similar product out there that is much cheaper and is the same quality.

Some companies use “free trials” or “pay only shipping” to get people to buy their product. If you aren’t aware how those work then you need to avoid them.

Who makes it?

For some products out there it’s extremely hard to find out who makes it. It sounds insane that you can’t find contact information about a product you are either looking to buy or you already bought.

Not being able to find company contact information is a lot more common than it should be. We do the digging for you! We find out the company who makes the product, phone number, e-mail address, and mailing address. This contact information is important if you want to make a return.

Should you buy it?

The whole reason why people read reviews in the first place. We give you our advice on whether it’s wise to buy the product that we are reviewing.

At this point in any of our reviews, you should have a good understanding if you want to go ahead with the purchase of the product or choose to buy another product.

The Bottom Line

We throughly go through all of the products that we review with a “fine tooth comb.” We make sure that every detail that you NEED TO KNOW about a product is in the review. We often make suggestions to our readers that helps them save money while avoiding frustration when they decide to buy.

If for any reason you are unhappy with one of our reviews or you don’t think it is clear enough for you. We would be more than happy to hear from you. All you have to do is use our contact us form. We take great pride in the reviews we write so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Also, if you can’t find a review of a product that you are thinking about buying on Authority Nutra. Send it our way and we will add it to our list of items that need to be reviewed.