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In the United States, almost 50% of all American adults are suffering from preventable chronic diseases. The most prevalent of these are diabetes, certain forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The root problem and cause of these diseases stem from a lack of exercise and poor diet.

Most people don’t actually change their lifestyle until they have diabetes or another chronic disease. Making sure you have the proper vitamins and minerals in your diet is key to staying healthy. HL360 Support is a multi-vitamin that was made to support a healthy lifestyle.

Can HL360 Support really help you?

Read our in-depth review to find out for yourself.

What is HL360 Support?

HL360 Support is a multi-vitamin that is designed to supplement vitamins and minerals that you don’t get from eating. Our western diet is filled with foods that lack the vital nutrients that we need on a daily basis. This multi-vitamin fills that nutritional void.


This product was formulated with the KBS Antioxidant Complex which consists of ingredients that support anti-aging, assist in fighting free radicals and reduce inflammation.

In addition, HL360 Support contains 15 vitamins and 9 minerals, including magnesium, manganese, chromium, and selenium. The ingredients inside this multi-vitamin help to support healthy tissue for skin, joints, teeth, bones, and hair.

The combination of vitamins and minerals are also essential in maintaining a healthy heart and optimal blood sugar levels. They have been found to reduce cholesterol levels, create a stronger metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Basically, HL360 Support provides the body with daily protection to thrive and stay healthy.

How Does HL360 Support Work?

The combination of vitamins and minerals found in HL360 Support address the primary body functions that keep an individual healthy and helps protect the immune system.

The high-grade ingredients are natural, rather than synthetically produced like many popular multi-vitamins. This allows the formula to protect the body against aging. Aging is primarily due to cells being broken down by free radicals.

HL360 Support fights these free radicals. Another condition that contributes to weak immune systems, pain, and disease, is systemic inflammation.

multi-vitamin supplement

The ingredients in HL360 Support reduces inflammation in the body thus providing a stronger immune system. They reduce pain and allow the body to stay healthy.

It also has ingredients that support the health of connective tissues, joints, bones, skin, hair, and teeth.

In addition, the well-researched ingredients contribute to a healthy heart, high functioning metabolism, and strong immune system.

Health Benefits of HL360

HL360 Support provides 100% of the recommended daily dose of the most important vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy body. Without having to take multiple pills.

Major Benefits of HL360 Support Include:

– Supports a healthy heart

– Fights free radicals

– Help prevent chronic diseases

– Can lower cholesterol levels

– Aids in making bones stronger

This supplement is easy to incorporate into a daily routine and requires only one tablet daily. It can be taken with or without food.

HL360 Support contains a total of 26 vitamins and minerals that are essential to optimal health. It is made with the highest quality ingredients which are easily absorbed and utilized for optimal results.

Why Should You Choose HL360 Support?

The source, quality, and potency of the ingredients in HL360 Support have been thoroughly researched. With the multitude of multi-vitamins available on the market today. It is difficult to know which ones are the best and most effective for your health needs.

You should know that not all supplements are created equal. Vitamins of poor quality will not break apart in your digestive system easily and be absorbed into your blood stream to nourish cells.

Many poor quality supplements have low potencies which are too low for those looking to maximize their health. Good quality multi-vitamins such as HL360 Support are standardized which means every capsule has the same amount of potency.

Ingredients Inside of HL360 Support

The natural, high-grade ingredients used in HL360 Support ensure absorption which improves important body functions. With the advent of fast food, processed foods, lack of raw fruits and vegetables in most people’s diets and environmental impurities.

HL360 Support provides an ideal combination of vitamins and minerals needed to promote optimal health for each unique body function. Below is a list of all of the nutrients that are inside of this multi-vitamin.

HL360 IngredientsVitamin A – Overall body and liver support
Vitamin C – Connective tissue support
Vitamin D – Increases calcium absorption, essential for bone health
Vitamin EAntioxidant and reduction of free radicals
Vitamin K – Heart health, bones, and vital processes
Vitamin B1 – Food conversion to usable glucose
Vitamin B2 – Food intake to glucose
Vitamin B6 – Neurotransmitter health, healthy brain function
Vitamin B12 – Healthy blood cells and cardiovascular system
NiacinGood cholesterol levels
Folic Acid – Important for pregnant women to support fetus growth
Biotin – Metabolizing of carbs, fats, and amino acids
Pantothenic Acid – Breaking down fatty acids and glucose conversion
Calcium – Strong bones, reduction of blood clots due to injury
Iron – Oxygenation of red blood cells and organs
Phosphorus – Strong bones
IodineThyroid hormone production
Magnesium – Support for 300 chemical reactions in the body
Zinc – Immune system defense
Selenium – Reproductive health, production of DNA, immune system health
Copper – Increase of new red blood cells
Chromium – Regulation of blood sugar, increase energy levels
Molybdenum – Breakdown of amino acids
Chloride – Proper balance of fluid surrounding body cells
Potassium – Water balance, cramp prevention
Boron – Management of body minerals

Who Makes HL360 Support?

What we like most about HL360 Support is the company that makes it. Holy Land Health produces a number of other supplements that are made to the highest quality. The best part is that they are a Christian wellness based company. Which means Christian values are made into every product they make.

Holy Land Health

Website: https://holylandhealth.com
E-mail: support@holylandhealth.com
Phone Number: 1-844-714-9209
Address: 1180 N Town Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Holy Land Health’s other products include:
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Complete Metabolism
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How Much Does HL360 Support Cost?

The cost of HL360 Support is entirely dependent on how many bottles you buy at a time. Like with most products, the more you buy the more money you will save.

If this is your first time buying HL360 Support. We suggest that you start off with only one bottle and see if you like it. This ensures that you won’t be stuck with more bottles than you need.

If for any reason you don’t want it anymore you can always return it for a full refund. But if you are confident that you are going to use this multi-vitamin all the time buy more bottles to save more money.

One Bottle (1 Month Supply) – $69.00
Three Bottles (3 Month Supply) – $176.00 ~ Save $31
Six Bottles (6 Month Supply) – $314.00 ~ Save $100
Twelve Bottles (1 Year Supply) – $490.00 ~ Save $338

Should You Buy HL360 Support?

If you are looking for one source for all your vitamins and minerals without taking a variety of different pills. Then HL360 Support might be perfect for you! Taking this multi-vitamin is super easy, it gives you piece of mind knowing that you are taking the right vitamins to support a healthy life.

What we don’t like about HL360 Support is the price. It costs $69.00/month, which for a multi-vitamin does seem extremely high. With that said though, if you were to buy all of the vitamins that are in this supplement separately. It would cost way more than $69.00 a month.

The price of this product is worth it if you want a powerful multi-vitamin and you can afford it. If you aren’t able to buy this supplement due to the cost. There are other multi-vitamins out there that would work fine but just know they aren’t jammed packed full of vitamins like HL360 Support.

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In addition, HL360 Support has a comprehensive site that offers support and answers questions about the product. It is one of the few products available on the market that provides such a comprehensive formula of vitamins and minerals one needs to stay active, healthy and energetic.

Have you tried HL360 Support from Holy Land Healthy? Thinking about buying it? We want to know what you are thinking! Please leave a comment below.