Hot Shapers

Nowadays, many people are overweight and affected by obesity. The reason why this happens is that a lot of people lack doing physical exercise. Today, people are usually busy with their work schedule, and they don’t have time to go to the gym or run.

As a result, people end up gaining a lot of fat. This can result in being exposed to a variety of health risks due to the extra weight, including coronary problems, diabetes, infertility, sleep apnea, etc.

Everyone knows losing weight isn’t easy. A recent popular way to slim down is by using a product called Hot Shapers. It’s supposed to help you lose weight by increasing your body’s core temperature so that you melt away fat.

But can it really do that?

Read our review on Hot Shapers to find out!

What are Hot Shapers?

Hot Shapers is a workout wear designed to increase the effectiveness of any physical activity by making the person who’s wearing the pants sweat more. The effect is produced with the help of a proprietary fiber known as Neotex.

Hot Shapers

Neotex increases the core temperature of the body while you are active. The outer fiber layer keeps you dry. Hot Shapers can be worn for any physical activity.

For instance, morning run, gym workout, doing house hold chores or even just walking your dog. Hot Shapers sweats your thighs and abs making you burn fat in those two areas.

What is Neotex?

Neotex is a combination of smart fibers put together with flexible rubber. The rubber is known for having an outstanding thermal technology. Garments that are made with Neotex have several advantages apart from being a good conductor of thermal transfer.

They stretch with ease and are very flexible. Neotex is also known for being waterproof, quick drying, extremely comfortable, and lightweight. Neotex could be compared to neoprene but it’s much more innovative than that.

Benefits of Hot Shapers

Not only does Hot Shapers help you lose weight by making you increase your body temperature and slim you down. But it’s sort of like a waist trainer that squeezes your waist in so it appears that you have dropped two to three sizes just by wearing it.

Below are some of the main benefits of Hot Shapers:

– Gives the person wearing it, a nice figure.

– Hot Shaper pants are perfect for people with back problems; it gives them back support.

– Boosts self-confidence in most women after sweating away extra inches from their body.

– You can wear Hot Shapers and continue with your daily routine

– Not required to do strenuous exercise to lose weight.

How to Use Hot Shapers?

Using Hot Shapers is incredibly easy, it’s just like putting on clothes. You put on the pants and the top. Then you are ready to start sweating away weight. I don’t think there is anything easier than that.

Hot Shapers SizingAfter using the pants, you must hand wash the Hot Shapers bottom in cold water. Use a soft detergent, and when you are done washing the pants, you should squeeze the excess water making sure that you do not wring them.

You should not put Hot Shapers in the dryer, hang them up so that they air dry, either outdoors or indoors. Also, you should not bleach and iron the pants.

Cost of Hot Shapers

The price of Hot Shapers really depends on what garment you are buying. There are Hot Belts which go around your waist that start at $19.00. Hot Shaper pants and shirts range from $29.00 to $59.00.

If you order directly from Hot Shapers, shipping is going to be another $9.95. Though you could probably avoid shipping costs if you order from someone like Amazon or Walmart.

Should You Buy Hot Shapers?

Hot Shapers does offer a money back guarantee for 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied with how this product works you can always get a refund. Just remember you won’t get any of your shipping charges back.

Using a sweating fabric like this one probably will help you lose weight. But you will probably lose water weight first with a little bit of fat loss. For you to lose a serious amount of weight you are going to have to diet and exercise.

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We think Hot Shapers is an “OK” product to try. It’s not incredibly expensive and if you don’t like it you can always return it. It’s probably going to be best for people that workout and actually sweat a lot. Those are the type of people that will get the most benefits out of it.

Have you used Hot Shapers before? Are you thinking about buying a pair? We want to hear how well it worked for you! Please leave a comment down below.