There are a lot of people who have used doctor prescribed medicines to treat various conditions with zero results. The patient keeps on coming back with the same complaints. What does the patient do now? Do you continue taking test after test? Where does it ever end?

Luckily, there are alternatives out there.  Sometimes, using natural herbs can be exactly what you need. An example of these natural medicines is the Total Life Changes (TLC) IASO Tea.

*Please Note: If you take prescriptions DO NOT stop taking without your Doctor’s permission.

What is IASO Tea?

Total Life Changes IASO Tea is a natural product that essentially cleanses the body of the disease-causing toxins. The product acts by providing the enzymes necessary for food digestion. It is important to mention that most of the processed foods that we eat do not contain these vital ingredients. IASO is an acronym for Impact – Action – Success – Opportunity.


The partially digested meals clog the digestive system leading to a bloated stomach and high acidity. Consequently, essential nutrients responsible for protecting the body from diseases are often lost. IASO Tea is diluted with water and taken twice daily for optimal activity.

Ingredients Inside IASO Tea

IASO Tea Ingredients

Holy Thistle
Holy thistle plant is a member of Asteraceae family common in the Mediterranean. This herbal product has a long history in Europe for its cure-all properties. It treats wounds, indigestion, weight reduction and loss of appetite. Also, it helps in milk production in lactating mothers’, coughs, bacterial infection, and fever.

Persimmon Leaf
his herb is used in treating high blood pressure, hiccups, constipation, and fever. It was popular in Japanese traditional medicine. Today it’s used in IASO Tea to give its health benefits.

The common name is pawpaw. It’s a plant of the Caricaceae family, and its fruits have butter-like consistency. The fruit contains antioxidants carotene, flavonoids, vitamin B and C, fibers and minerals. These ingredients promote cardiovascular health and protect against colon cancer.

Marsh Mallow
Known scientifically as Althaea Officinalis, the Marsh Mallow herb is used in relieving coughs and sore throat. Also, it treats heartburn, indigestion, stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Malva Leaves
Malva plant is of the Malvaceae family. It’s used medicinally to relieve pain and inflammation of bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, sore throat and dry cough. Besides, it helps to expectorate mucus and fluids stuck in the respiratory system.

Ginger is commonly found in Fiji, Jamaica, and Australia. It’s available as a rhizome which has digestive, nausea, pain and inflammation reduction properties. Ginger has an additional nutritional value of numerous vitamins and minerals.

Chamomile has been used for many years to relieve anxiety and stomach problems such as upsets, heartburn, and diarrhea. Also, it has been used to relieve skin irritations, cancer, and hemorrhoids.

Blessed thistle
Blessed thistle increases milk production in nursing mothers, help in indigestion and improves appetite. Taking a capsule of this product reduces anxiety.

Myrrh is an essential oil used for moisturizing and cleansing dry skin. Two to three drops are applied to affected skin for effective skin care.

Benefits of IASO Tea

Eliminating Toxins
The food in our diet might be prepared in unsanitary conditions. Which means bacteria and toxins could be on our food. Combined with our sedentary lifestyle, these bacteria accumulate in our bodies that can cause many diseases. Taking IASO Tea twice a day can rid the body of toxins.

Relieving Pain
Taking IASO Tea can reduce pain throughout the body. It doesn’t matter if it’s from arthritis, headaches, backaches or muscles. Since IASO Tea cleans the digestive system, a user of this detox will soon experience the benefits of this tea. Pain relief is gradual at first then you should notice a difference around day number 5.

Using IASO Tea with two liters of water ensures elimination of constant constipation episodes. The advantage of using this product is that it softens the fecal matter for prolonged period, unlike other laxatives.

Weight Reduction
Gaining weight is becoming one of the biggest health issues globally. Weight gain results from consuming junk food and being inactive. IASO Tea assists in reducing weight by burning excess fat and reducing hunger.

Acidity Reflux
When the intestines delay in passing out the digested wastes, they accumulate in the stomach causing acid reflux. Luckily, taking IASO Tea helps in coordinated removal of fecal products from the system. Besides, incomplete digestion of food results to acidity. The IASO Tea has enzymes that help in successful digestion.

Cancer is caused by cell oxidation which leads to uncontrolled proliferation of cancerous cells. IASO Tea reduces its spread by supplying an enzyme that reduces hydrogen peroxide. Low levels of hydrogen peroxide inhibit cancerous cells by depriving them oxygen.

Who Makes IASO Tea?

The company that produces IASO Tea is Total Life Changes. Total Life Changes or TLC is a very popular MLM company that makes health products. Their best selling product by far is IASO Tea. They have sold out of IASO Tea several times now. The waiting period to buy it is typically three weeks.

Website: http://totallifechanges.com
E-mail: info@totallifechanges.com
Phone Number: 1-888-873-1898
Address: 6094 Corporate Dr. Fair Haven, MI 48023

Total Life Changes other products:
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Total Life Changes also makes a line of skin care products and essential oils.

How Much Does IASO Tea Cost?

Buying IASO Tea is a little different than buying most products. Or at least its different for consumers who haven’t bought from an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) before. If you are unaware Total Life Changes is an MLM. They have people who sell their products for them. Those people get paid a commission for every product they sell for the company.

To purchase IASO Tea you have to buy it through an authorized affiliate. You can’t buy directly from the company without an affiliate link. They do this so that their affiliates earn money when they sell products.

You can find IASO Tea on Amazon and Ebay. Though, you have to be aware that sometimes unscrupulous people sell counterfeits via those channels. It’s recommended to buy IASO Tea from the official Total Life Changes website.

IASO Tea – Gentle Detox Formula
7 Day Supply – $12.95
14 Day Supply – $19.95
21 Day Supply – $29.95
28 Day Supply – $39.95

Should You Buy IASO Tea?

There are many positive reviews out there for IASO Tea. These reviewers said that they had a tremendous amount of success using IASO Tea. These individuals believe that this tea was solely responsible for them with the weight loss that they had while taking it. Along with the improved mood that they experienced because they rid their body of toxins.

From reviews of IASO Tea that are out there. The recommendation is to take this tea for at least one week to start experiencing the effects of it. People who feel sluggish and could lose a little extra weight could benefit greatly from taking IASO Tea.

The price at under $40 for a month isn’t that bad. So if it doesn’t work for you then you wouldn’t have lost much money. We think this is a great detox tea that has worked for a lot of people. Not to mention IASO Tea is constantly sold out so that should tell you something about how popular it is.

Have you taken IASO Tea? Let us know! Please leave a comment below.