Ideal Protein

When paired with a proper exercise routine, Ideal Protein can benefit somebody who is interested in losing weight and for those wish to get the benefits of a high protein diet.

The company’s products concentrate on high protein and low-calorie intake only and by following their program correctly, customers can find results through meals that help suppress appetite while providing the necessary amount of daily nutrients.

Experts have found combining potent meal suppressant proteins with metabolism boosting vitamins can make for a fast weight loss result.

What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a brand aimed to those that are interested in targeting weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle. This brand sells a variety of meal replacement food products such as shakes and other drinks, puddings, snacks, and calorie controlled pre-portioned meals.

Their main product is a meal replacement weight loss shake. It might sound like it’s just an ordinary protein powder based shake. But Ideal Protein claims it to be much more than just that.

What it has in common with only a select few other protein powders on the market is that it is a total meal replacement product. The idea is that you replace one or more meals daily to avoid overeating bad and unhealthy foods.

Ideal Protein is a complete, pre-packaged dietary supplement that is high in protein and low in fat and carbs – and by extension, low in calories. This is excellent as a dietary supplementary meal option for those who prefer to count calories or those who prefer to count carbs.

Through such a method, you’re keeping your body’s carbohydrate intake low, which leads to a quicker metabolic reaction from your body to calories.

Ideal Protein Health Benefits

Through information gathered by the Hans D Gruenn Medical Center, men and women who take Ideal Protein for the purposes of weight loss can expect to see results ranging from three to five pounds of weight lost per week.

Ideal Protein Benefits

Alternatively, the same study has concluded that men who take Ideal Protein for the purpose of weight loss will see anywhere from five to seven pounds of weight loss per week.

This study has claimed that such a drastic amount of weight loss can be achieved due to the body burning fat with this meal replacement, rather than muscle tissue.

How Does Ideal Protein Work?

There are four phases supposedly involved with the Ideal Protein system developed for its consumers. In order to get started on this program, the customer would need to visit the nearest clinic that supports the Ideal Protein weight loss program to proceed with the steps.

Ideal Protein ProtocolOnce they have been enrolled, what the program describes as a weight loss coach will be assigned to them. After this point, they will purchase the initial meals to get started on this program under the guidance of their assigned coach.

The first phase of the program involves the customer to consume 1,100 calories per day to get started. This includes three Ideal Protein meals with controlled portions being consumed each day, along with a meal that the consumer prepares on their own but is required to be low in carbs.

Once the consumer has reached 70% to 80% of their desired target goal for weight loss, they will be moved to the second phase. That involves decreasing how many Ideal Protein meals they are consuming each day and increasing the number of low carb meals they prepare at home on their own.

Phase three will have the participant in the program steadily being reintroduced to carbs and sugars in their diet, though this point is not reached until they have achieved 100% of their weight loss goal.

Step four is completely self-prepared foods but ones that are low in calories still, in order to maintain their desired weight for the foreseeable future.

Ingredients in Ideal Protein

The company has not provided very much information about the ingredients list for there to be a substantial amount of helpful information for most of their products. Below is the ingredients label for their protein shake drink.

Ideal Protein Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients for one of their main products, the Ideal Protein Drink Chocolate Mix, at 120 calories per serving, the ingredient list is as follows: milk protein concentrate, cocoa processed with alkali, skim milk, whey protein isolate (milk), artificial flavor, contains 2 percent of less of chocolate (cocoa, sugar, salt, carrageenan, sodium caseinate, artificial flavor), sea salt, xanthan gum, sucralose (non-nutritive sweetener), acesulfame potassium (nonnutritive sweetener), silicon dioxide.

Who Developed Ideal Protein?

Developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. M.D., the idea was to create a product whose end result was eliminating unnecessary amounts of sugars from meals so that the body could regulate insulin better, which ends up with the body losing its illogical food cravings.

This high protein diet is designed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh to eliminate body fat while preserving muscle tissue in the body.

Should You Buy Ideal Protein?

It’s completely up to the consumer on whether Ideal Protein will be the truly ideal protein drink and meal replacement product to cater to their individual weight loss or muscle building needs.

Ideal Protein can be a little costly and you can only buy it from local distributors. Though, if you are able to lose more weight than without it then it might be worth it for you.

This supplement company carries a whole line of nutritional ready to eat food. You can either add it to your current diet or eat their food exclusively to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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If there is one thing that is true, a high-protein and low-carb diet has been shown to be very helpful with weight loss. This is the type of diet that Ideal Protein strives to accomplish for its customers. If that is the kinds of diet that you want to try out then give Ideal Protein a go.

Have you used Ideal Protein before? Are you thinking about buying their products? We want to know what you are thinking! Please leave a comment down below.