Instant Knockout

Let’s be honest, when we spend our hard-earned cash on a new and expensive fat burning supplement that is supposed to “melt fat” right off our bodies, they work as hard as my cat – who gets close to 16 hours of sleep in his day.

We all work hard at eating healthy and working out in the gym. So why can’t we find a fat burning supplement that’ll work as hard as we do?

I have finally found a solution that many men and women need to get. So that they can burn off the extra fat off their bodies. This fat burning supplement is so good that certified bodybuilders and trainers, who won’t usually recommend supplements, are recommending it.

What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout by Roar Ambition Ltd, has been on the market for awhile now and people are achieving their goal weight and muscle tone with it. They are feeling more energetic and losing stubborn fat in their trouble areas while gaining more muscle. Read more below to finally get rid of those last pounds of stubborn body fat with Instant Knockout!

Instant Knockout
Can’t beat the fist bottle of Instant Knockout!

At first, pro boxers and MMA fighters were the only people who took Instant Knockout – it was tailor-made for them. These fighters have to qualify for their weigh-ins if they want to fight. To do so, they have to lose gained weight – without losing muscle mass. Anyone who has tried to lose weight fast knows it’s no easy task to achieve

Instant Knockout MMA

What do these men use to achieve rapid weight loss? Instant Knockout has been on way to lose weight fast. It enables its user to boost their metabolism, improve their endurance and eliminating their fat.

The fighters who want to give their metabolism a boost, improve their performance in the gym and get rid of excess fat are turning to Instant Knockout.

How does it work? I feel that what makes this supplement work is its unique formula. If you keep a strict schedule for taking your doses and take it every day, your body will constantly burn fat. Your body will keep its muscle and definition at the same time.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Instant Knockout has ten active ingredients that will help you burn fat. Read more below to take a closer look at what is in each ingredient and what they do.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine isn’t just for soda and unhealthy treats. It is a very popular ingredient in diet and workout supplements. Studies show that caffeine in its pure form boosts metabolism and utilizes stored fat for energy. In fact, if you consume pure caffeine before a workout, you’ll burn 30% more fat!

If you have issues with your blood sugar levels stabilizing, caffeine will help that – your blood sugar levels have a lot do with controlling your appetite. If your blood sugar levels are stable, your appetite could normalize as well.

In Instant Knockout, you are getting caffeine in anhydrous form. That means you are getting caffeine in its most potent state. Also, not having any impurities mixed in with it, you won’t see any of the side effects from other forms of caffeine.

Cayenne Pepper: This spice doesn’t just give a kick to your food, but to stored body fat as well. Cayenne pepper contains a component that will reduce stored fat, reduce calorie consumption, and reduces the ugly hormone that causes hunger.

Green Coffee Bean: In their raw coffee bean state, green coffee beans contains chlorogenic acid that lower blood sugar. They lose their chlorogenic acid when they are roasted. You are getting these special compound in Instant Knockout – which means you’ll burn more fat.

Green Tea: Personally, I think everyone should be consuming green tea both in tea and supplement form. The benefits you can reek from it are pretty much endless. This natural ingredient contains a compound that will help you lose fat at an impressive rate.

Green tea is so effective that it will even help kick start your metabolism – which causes the fatty acid build up in your muscles and liver to increase. It will also lower your triglyceride number, which plays a big part in the fat burning process

Glucomannan: Glucomannan may sound like a chemical, but it is all natural and very effective for weight loss. This dietary fiber will make you feel full fast and will prevent you from eating too much and too frequently. It will essentially do the same thing as cayenne pepper, so adding the two in one supplement will pack an even bigger punch.

GTF Chromium: GTF chromium can stabilize your blood sugar levels and is also said to increase growth hormones in your body. Though, this has yet to be scientifically proven.

Piperine: Piperine is an extract that comes from black pepper. It works so well because it can block the formation of new fat cells. Piperine also helps you absorb nutrients better.

Vitamin B6 & B12: If I had to list all the health benefits from consuming vitamin B’s, it would turn into a book. Both Vitamin B6 and B12 are essential in maintaining health and wellness.

Zinc: There isn’t very much to say about zinc, but do know that people who are overweight have lower levels of zinc. Zinc will also maintain optimal testosterone levels in men.

Instant Knockout Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

Every bottle contains 120 capsules. The dosage per day is one capsule, four times a day. This dosage will keep your body at a constant and steady “fat boosting” state.

Each natural ingredient in Instant Knockout is known for burning fat and appetite suppression. It will increase your energy levels safely – without any side effects. The benefits you’ll reek from this supplement are endless.

There have been very few reported side effects for Instant Knockout. The only complaints that I have found have to deal with its caffeine content. If you are sensitive to caffeine then you should avoid or be cautious about using this product.

If this is the case and you are experiencing this, begin by taking only three doses a day. Once you feel like the caffeine isn’t bothering you anymore, take the recommended four doses a day.

Instant Knockout doesn’t contain any banned or synthetic substances and won’t bring back any false positives on any drug tests and is perfectly safe.

Who Makes Instant Knockout?

The company behind Instant Knockout is Roar Ambition Ltd. They are based in the United Kingdom and ship their products worldwide. They have a number of different brands of workout supplements.

Roar Ambition’s two major brands:
Instant Knockout

Roar Ambition Ltd.
Website: |
Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom

Cost of Instant Knockout

The cost of Instant Knockout is comparable to other fat burners that are out there. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap. But it isn’t extraordinary expensive either. If you are able to burn fat with Instant Knockout then it’s a steal. One bottle of Instant Knockout equals a one month supply.

1 Bottle – $59.00
2 Bottles – $118.00
Ultimate Shredding Stack (4 Bottles) – $185.00

Each order comes with a free t-shirt. I guess that’s cool…

There is a 90-day money back guarantee. If you don’t get the results you want they will give you your money back. Not a bad guarantee, hopefully, you won’t have to use it if you do buy it.

Should You Buy Instant Knockout?

A lot of people are asking if Instant Knockout is good enough to recommend, here is my opinion on it. I think Instant Knockout works is impressive and works well. I think its success has to do with the potent, all natural ingredients. The quality is top notch as well – which doesn’t hurt in my recommendation.

Should You Buy Instant Knockout

The great thing about Instant Knockout is its results. So many people are noticing that it boosted their metabolic rate, reduced their hunger and cravings and fueled their energy.

For one supplement, it sure does pack a big punch. I also love that it is natural and won’t get in the way of any other supplements. If you are looking for a “clean” fat burner, this supplement beats out its competitors.

The truth is, this supplement isn’t just for bodybuilders and athletes anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re trying to lose weight or body fat, Instant Knockout is for you. Just remember to pair it with a healthy diet and workout routine to get the maximum results.

Thinking about buying Instant Knockout? Have you already tried it? We want to hear your opinion! Please leave a comment down below.