Aging is a natural part of life, as we get older we get sicker and sicker. Because of this, our quality of life goes down the older we are. But does it have to be that way?

A new supplement called LA-3 aims to help us live longer. It might sound like make-believe but if science can figure out how to stop us from aging. Then we wouldn’t be as sick and unhealthy as we get older.

What is LA-3?

LA-3 is an anti-aging supplement that claims to increase longevity and improve health. The company behind this supplement is Live Cell Research. They are known for creating high quality and premium products. Some of their other products include Vital Stem, Niagen, and Midogen.

The LA in LA-3 stands for “Longevity Activator” while the 3 means that it only contains three ingredients. This anti-aging supplement has received a lot of media attention and has become popular almost overnight.

The reason why anyone would want to take this supplement is that it’s supposed to increase the longevity of your life. It may sound a little far fetched but there is some real science behind it.

LA-3 Health Benefits

The benefits are that each one of them works and is beneficial. The overall benefits of using LA-3 is that it has the Gynostemma extract. This is a based product. When taken daily, you’ll be able to activate a specific chemical in your body which works like the “switch” of aging. Enjoy the benefits which are the following:

  • Clearer Thinking
  • A Stronger, Healthier Body
  • More Energy
  • Decreased Abdominal Fat
  • Weight Loss

As time goes by, you’ll notice the results. Take a look at how it works from the time you begin taking the health supplement, LA-3. Here is a brief time lapse while taking LA-3 for one month.

Within 1 week: You energy level will begin to increase making you feel revitalized and energetic; appetite will decrease and so, you’ll have few cravings for such things as bite sized candies, chips, and basic snacking.

Within 2 weeks: Your abdominal fat will be reduced and your appetite will be decreased as well. This will go on for the time since this is what the health supplement does; reduce the appetite, thus causing weight loss.

Therefore, you’ll still feel energetic though, and while your reduced fat helps you feel this way, you won’t be bogged down spending as much energy performing those daily activities.

Within 1 month: You’ll have maintained elevated levels of AMPK. This, then, leads to clearer thinking and with a better sense of mental alertness and memory. The Live Cell Research reported, “the LA-3 has experienced stronger and healthier physical body characteristics.”

Ingredients Inside of LA-3

LA-3 is made with 100% natural ingredients that contain no synthetic fibers or fillers. This ensures that it contains the highest quality ingredients possible. LA-3 is third party tested to make sure it meets or exceeds all federal requirements.

LA-3 IngredientsThis supplement contains just three ingredients:

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract – It also goes by the name of Jiaogulan which means “stranded blue plant“. Its primary health benefits are that it improves heart health by lowering cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.

Quercetin Dihydrate – A plant flavonoid found in many different kinds of vegetables and plants. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory with studies to back up its benefits. Also, has been shown to be effective at improving endurance.

Berberine HCl – An extract from the Berberis vulgaris plant. It has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, and improves insulin sensitivity.

These special ingredients were handpicked because of their effectiveness and because of their quick response to the body’s physical elements. Researchers and scientists claim that when the levels of the body’s physical attributes are high, it’s easier for the body to regulate what’s going in.

With these three ingredients, the AMPK chemical in the body regulates homeostasis. The definition of homeostasis is your “body’s natural, optimized state.” With this in mind, having this supplement will not only give you the longevity you deserve but also the fulfillment of having a greater and more satisfying lifestyle.

Your health plays a vital role in how you feel and act daily, changing your diet is one, but, adding to your diet, the health supplements such as LA-3 will give you more sustainability for your health and your lifestyle.

Should You Buy LA-3?

A lot of people interested in LA-3 will ask, “Should I buy it?

LA-3 is worth buying because not only will you be more energized, you’ll be getting only three ingredients per capsule without any harsh chemicals which can be more toxic for your body and its organs.

Instead, this activates an “enzyme, in the body,” keeping you energized and sustaining the challenges you face daily in a healthy natural way. Therefore, these are only part of the reasons why taking the health supplement, for the ability to live a longer and healthier lifestyle.

Finally, it’ll keep you energized without keeping you weighed down and thereby avoiding foods that you will feel tempted to eat. When you decide to be on a supplement regimen, speak to your doctor first.

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With the product being new by Live Cell Research, so far so good. It appears that the positive impact of the formula in the health supplement LA-3 on internal inflammation, cholesterol, or glucose sensitivity has shown better results though, in so far, than the weight loss benefits, but, it’s worth the buy.

Have you tried LA-3 or another anti-aging supplement before? We want to hear if it worked for you! Please leave a comment down below.