Nerium Eye-V

As we get older our skin naturally starts to sag. This can make us look so old, one area of concern is sagging under the eyes. There are a few different skin care solutions out there that address this.

Nerium Eye-V Patches are a unique way to get rid of sagging underneath the eyes. The patches provide increased hydration to the skin which improves elasticity and firmness which are crucial components in how the skin looks.

What are Nerium Eye-V Patches?

Nerium Eye-V Patches are made by Nerium International a company that makes other nutritional and skin care products. Just like similar items on the market, their goal is to assist people with making the signs of aging around the eyes (like puffiness and wrinkles) not as prevalent.

Eye-V Patches

These non-slip eye patches are meant to be used on a weekly basis to help boost the skin on nights that you are going out, alleviate the signs of a late night, or to soothe skin after a long airplane ride. The patches are put on the eyes for an hour and take them off and enjoy clearer and smoother skin.

These advanced and original patches provide targeted hydration to the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes for the appearance of a refreshing “eye lift” that happens right away. The ThermoReact delivery system uses the skin’s natural temperature to unlock the key ingredients, that work to fight against puffy, stressed, or tired eyes.

Nerium Eye-V Benefits

Nerium Eye-V Patches have a lot of benefits for the people that use them. This product keeps the eye area from drying out and also makes the eyes look brighter. They firm the look of the skin and makes the eyes look less puffy.

Nerium Eye-V Benefits

By using Eye-V Patches you can remove “bags” that maybe underneath your eyes. These patches also lowers the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They have also been studied by a dermatologist and ophthalmologist to ensure that they are ideal for every type of skin.

Ingredients Inside Nerium Eye-V Patches

Nerium makes all of their products with the highest quality ingredients. Nerium Eye-V Patches are no different, below you will find all of the ingredients that make this eye-lifting solution so special.

Nerium Eye-V Ingredients

Hydromoist – This is an ingredient that helps skin retain more water.

SIG-1191 – Used only in Nerium Eye-V Patches, SIG-1191 hydrates the skin and is also a powerful antioxidant.

I-FIL4R – Another ingredient that is only made for this product. This special compound is extracted from Brazillian Ginseng and White Lily. Some of the benefits include removing dark circles, getting rid of puffy eyes, and eliminating fine lines.

Aloe Vera Leaf Water – A natural nutrient packed water that is made with 100% Aloe Vera. It’s mainly used because it has moisturizing abilities.

Glycerin – This ingredient is made from lipids. Glycerin is important because it absorbs moisture and protects the skin from outside damage.

Echinacea Extract – This extract has been used in North America for more than 400 years. It’s best known for its anti-aging benefits because it corrects and protects skin damage.

Lavender – Most people know Lavender as an essential oil that smells good. But it also has some amazing skin benefits as well.

Eye-V Patches Ingredients

There are many other ingredients in these patches, but those are the main ones.

How to Use Nerium Eye-V Patches?

When you are preparing to use these eye patches, the first thing that you do is open a pouch and pull out a tray that has two delicate eye patches in it.

The next step is to use a small amount of pressure and swipes the tip of your index finger along the “N” side of the patch to get it out of the tray.

Nerium Eye-V Patches Results

Then you need to put one of the patches onto the clean and dry area under your eye. Do the same thing with the other eye and make sure that the “N” side is facing away from your eye.

Then you relax and enjoy the feeling of the patch doing its job for twenty minutes while your skin absorbs the ingredients into it. The patches will remain in place after you put them on, so you can go about your business while you are wearing them. After the twenty minute time period is over, be sure to carefully take them off and throw them away.

Then you gently pat the remaining serum into your skin. To get the full benefits from these patches, do at least one treatment a week or more if you choose to. You must use the patches immediately after the pouch is opened.

Should You Buy Nerium Eye-V Patches?

If you have any lingering doubts about purchasing this beauty product, let me help you clear them up for you. The majority of people that have bought Nerium Eye-V Patches says their skin is calmer and refreshed after using it.

They also say that their skin feels a lot more hydrated after using this skin care product and that it reduced the appearance of puffiness in their eyes. It also helps treat wrinkles that are around the eyes.

If you buy this skin care product and use it as directed on the package, you will not only look more beautiful and younger, you will also feel more beautiful and younger. This product takes care of impurities around the eyes which are often the first thing that people notice about you.

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Nerium Eye-V Patches are the perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted puffiness and bag under your eyes. If you want to start feeling better about the way you look then you should at least try this product out.

Have you used Nerium Eye-V Patches or another Nerium product before? Did it work like it was supposed to? We want to know what you experienced! Please leave a comment down below to start a conversation.