Lipo-6 is a fat burning supplement made by Nutrex. It uses a special blend of high-quality ingredients that helps increase the bodies metabolism and improves how it processes food.

This fat burner has been one of the best-selling supplements over the last decade. It can be found online and at major retailers across the country. But is Lipo-6 actually worth buying? We find out with our unbiased review!

What is Lipo-6?

Lipo-6 uses a powerful weight loss formula to stimulate the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms. With a select set of ingredients, Lipo-6 cranks up the metabolism that regulates how much energy is burned as fuel and how much is stored as fatty tissue.

This potent weight loss supplement goes beyond this to provide increased energy for working, thinking and playing. Being consistent with a weight loss routine can sometimes be the hardest part. Having an extra source of energy can help give that boost you need to stay committed for the long haul.

How Does Lipo-6 Work?

Lipo-6 is effective due to the potency of a select set of ingredients that affects the body and its fat burning capacity. This is an important point for consideration.

Some people have a natural resistance to certain ingredients that can energize the body. If this were the case, this person would not receive the most benefits from a fat burner like Lipo-6.

This highlights the important necessity of researching the ingredients in any of these health supplements for best efficacy. The list of ingredients in Lipo-6 is listed further on in this article.

These special ingredients contain natural stimulants that place the body in the best state for burning fat. Increasing the metabolism is a great way to initiate the weight loss process.

To have the best effects, some experience and evidence will be needed. Different people will react to the pills differently, the best way to apply this reaction to boosting weight loss is to look for the energy spike.

This is the ideal moment to begin your exercise routine. Furthermore, you will want to be sure you are supplying your body with plenty of nutrition to support your exercise.

Lipo-6 Ingredients

The active ingredients that make Lipo-6 a potent fat burner include:

Lipo 6 IngredientsCaffeine – The world’s most consumed drug. Caffeine has been shown to be effective at weight loss, appetite suppressant, and improves alertness.

Synephrine HCI – Commonly known as Bitter Orange, this ingredient has been used for weight loss, controlling cholesterol levels, and chronic fatigue.

Synthetic 99% GuggulsteronesOver the years it has been used to treat obesity, high blood lipids, and liver dysfunction.

Bioperine – Basically, this is black pepper that helps with the absorption of the other ingredients and increases their effectiveness.

Yohimbine HCI – Aids in athletic performance, weight loss, and erectile dysfunction.

All of the ingredients inside Lipo-6 work synergistically to help the body lose weight by increasing the metabolism and burn fat more effectively.

*Please Note: The amount of caffeine in Lipo-6 is 200mg per serving (2 Liqui-Caps). This is the equivalent of two premium cups of coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine then this product probably isn’t for you. Nutrex does make a version of this product called Lipo-6 Stim-Free that is 100% caffeine free.

Benefits of Lipo-6

Lipo-6 can help you lose weight, increase energy, and improve athletic performance. All of the ingredients in this product have been used for many years in other weight loss products.

Losing weight can be one of the toughest things that we can face. Adding a fat burner like this one can help make weight loss come much easier and faster.

If you combine a good exercise and diet plan in combination with Lipo-6 you will experience good results. There are many positive reviews around the internet that praise the effects that you can get from this supplement.

Who Makes Lipo-6?

Nutrex is the company that makes Lipo-6. Nutrex makes a number of other supplements that range from fat burners to pre-workouts. Their products are quite popular and can be bought at places like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and Amazon.


Phone Number: 888-368-8739
Address: 579 South Econ Circle, Oviedo, FL 32765

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Should You Buy Lipo-6?

The advantages of this supplement are that it comes from a reputable brand (Nutrex) that produces many other high-quality products. A lo of people who have tried Lipo-6 mentioned that it made them feel much more energized. Not only that but it helped them lose weight in a short period of time.

Lipo-6 Review

There are other people out there that weren’t so sure if this product actually helped them or not. It is always important to consider the individual and their tolerance for stimulants when selecting these kinds of supplements.

Lipo-6 Reviews

In general, it is a fairly moderate grade fat burner. Yet it will still be very effective for those looking for mild support. If you are looking for an even stronger fat burner than Lipo-6 Black might be the right product for you.

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If you need to lose some weight, we think Lipo-6 is a decent choice in helping you work toward your weight loss goals. However, if you are sensitive to products containing caffeine then this fat burner isn’t for you.

Have you used Lipo-6? Thinking about giving it a try? We want to hear what you are thinking! Please leave a comment below.