NutriO2 is a leading holistic natural product, that is being hailed as a relief for many serious health illnesses and diseases. It is a cellular oxygen enhancement in a saline base, that claims to have many health benefits.

What is NutriO2?

NutriO2 claims to help cure disease throughout the body, enhance white blood cells, break down harmful chemicals which are supposed to slow down the aging process. It also claims to destroy cancer cells. And help people function better with low energy, breathing disorders, and help people sleep better.

Nutri O2

NutriO2 claims to have a unique healing method that can cure almost any ailment or disease. It’s a formula that’s a stabilized oxygen, that has the power to heal. Anyone who has suffered from depression can see a profound positive result- that makes them feel healthy and well.

NutriO2 is a product that helps to stabilize cell enhancement. It is used to help with illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. NutriO2 also helps destroy germs, viruses, bacteria or illnesses that you may be experiencing.

NutriO2 is made from sodium chloride, distilled water, and Bio-oxygen. It improves alertness, energy levels, and other health benefits. The presence of oxygen destroys the integration of microorganisms, which is needed to survive.

Also, the oxygen-based product breaks down the molecules that make up our cells. Therefore, the oxygen replaces the hydrogen molecules, where the membranes are disrupted and the cell wall falls apart. This water-based product is easy to use because it ends in the colon.

According to studies, if taken it enters the digestive system and absorbs in the stomach lining, to reverse health issues. It’s scientific effects combat the root of health issues. If you get sick, your immune system breaks down and help fight any disease or illness.

How Does NutriO2 Work?

NutriO2 works by stimulating your body, which stimulates white blood cells, in the immune system- killing disease and destroying harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses that enter the body.

It also destroys poisons, chemicals, and toxins that have entered your body, and slows down the aging process. It’s excellent to fight cancer cells, and stop them from multiplying.

NutriO2 Health Benefits

* Increase alertness
* Increase energy
* Popular product
* Three package options
* Natural formula
* Non-toxic
* Promote bone health
* pH balance
* Combat parasites
* Reverse aging-decrease fine lines and wrinkles

With these benefits, the body will produce hydrochloric acid- for it to work well in the immune system. Using this oxygen based product, it relieves stress in the internal membranes.

This product helps prevent sleep apnea, heart problems, stress, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary problems, asthma and many other illnesses. The benefits stimulate the white blood cells. The main benefit is that you will feel rested, healthy, and well.

What is Oxygen Therapy and How is it Beneficial?

The main objective of NutriO2 is to increase oxygen and absorption. It provides a method to increase oxygen levels in a safe manner. The therapy helps cells perform better. It helps guard and supports your bone health, protects microbes, and increase energy. Its culture edge formula revives cells, that will enhance oxygen levels and help develop muscles.

It also helps with metabolic rates and maintains weight problems. Such as obesity, and therapy- and protect and fight yeast or viral infections. Oxygen therapy is natural, safe, and effective. It is required to drink 3 glasses a day.

Where Can You Buy NutriO2?

You can get this product online at It is made with natural ingredients, without any side-effects. Anyone can use Nutri02, there are four main ingredients, that make this product effective, distilled water, sodium, oxygen and essential elements – that improve the body’s immune system. You can find the product online. It is not a caffeine stimulant, that makes you feel, healthy and well.

It’s a product that is natural and won’t restrict you from working, driving, exercising, or other physical things. It’s a conventional treatment that is all-natural and to some, a miracle combination that detoxifies the body and releases it of unwanted substances.

It reacts to any attack on the immune system and prevents damage to your body’s proteins and your DNA. It also helps aid burns, muscle soreness, and promote blood flow. It also help’s your cells spread out, and become stronger and healthier.

Who Makes NutriO2?

If you go to NutriO2’s official website. They don’t really mention the company that makes this activated stabilized oxygen product. We dug a little deeper and found a company called Nutri Frontier that owns NutriO2. We were unable to find any more information about this company.

According to their video presentation, Kevin Richardson is the person behind NutriO2. Kevin Richardson says he’s a natural health researcher and a practitioner. We couldn’t find a lot information about Kevin Richardson. This could be a real person or it could a be a pen name.

Phone Number: (917) 341-2826
Address: 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4665, Valley Cottage, NY 10989

How Much Does NutriO2 Cost?

The cost of NutriO2 seems very expensive. There are other stabilized oxygen supplements on Amazon that are a fraction of the cost. But if NutriO2 works for you then I guess it’s worth it.

NutriO2 Price

1 Bottle – $49.95
3 Bottles – $119.95
6 Bottles – $199.95

Should You Buy NutriO2?

Using NutriO2 helps support a healthy immune system- which restores energy levels, assist the body’s metabolic system, stabilize oxygen supply, and give you a better quality of life. Using NutriO2 daily, fights against viral and bacterial infections, help fight against aging, tiredness, or want to sleep better.

The advantages of using NutriO2 is that it makes your immune system stronger and robustly improve your oxygen production. Even if you are suffering from asthma, arthritis, or insomnia.

NutriO2 will help improve these illnesses and provide a natural holistic approach to feeling better and combating health issues. You will be amazed to see the difference, with the use of NutriO2. It’s a miracle product that is encouraged to use.

Have you used NutriO2? We would love to hear your experience with it. Please leave a comment down below.

  • It’s a scam.
    Here are the ingredients: Chloride: 15.6 mg, Sodium 1.1 mg, Chromium .1 mcg, Iodine .1 mcg. Are you kidding???
    Check Web MD and the web for info on Chloride. Humans are to take 750-900 mg/day. Not 15.6. Chlorider balances acids and bases in your body, combines with hydrogen to made your digestive enzyme in your stomach and moves fluid in and out of cells.
    It doesn’t do what Nutrifrontier says. Ridiculous.

    • My mom has had high blood pressure for 15 years. She has been using these drops for 3 weeks now. She went to her doctor today and he asked her what she has been doing differently. He said that for the first time in the 12 years that he’s been treating her, she has never had a good blood pressure reading. Her blood pressure was perfect and he had the nurse retest her several times. Then he asked my mom to bring the drops to him so he could see them. Also, she lost 6 lbs since he saw her the month before.

    • Is it possible that it is not the volume of the chloride that matters but its combination with the right amount of sodium, chromium and iodine plus some processes involved? I am not knowledgeable on the subject. Just asking the question and trying to decide on whether I should buy or not. Those who say it is a scam are saying nothing was delivered. They do not argue on the content. You were the only one who questioned the content.