Do you lack focus? Do you have a lack of energy? OptiMind might be the solution to all of your mental functioning issues. A student who needs a brain boost to study a little longer would benefit from OptiMind. Business Executives and Entrepreneurs need increasing energy and awareness to be the best in their fields.

Steroids help athletes perform to the best of their abilities, but steroids have adverse side effects and are against the rules of a lot of sports. OptiMind can provide some of the same benefits without these adverse side effects. OptiMind claims it can help anyone regardless of occupation and gender. It can even help the everyday person have increased energy, focus better, and have overall superior mental performance.

What is OptiMind?

OptiMind is a nootropic supplement made with twelve ingredients. Lucas Siegel is the CEO and founder of the company that manufacturers OptiMind. Siegel created OptiMind in his college dorm room after his good friend died from overdosing on ADHD medicine not prescribed to his friend.

At the time, ADHD prescription was being abused as a study drug, and Siegel recognized the dangers of this behavior. He wanted to prevent others from dying from the misuse of the ADHD medicine, so he started experimenting.

At first, Siegel’s formula was only used by him and his friends. However, it was not long before he realized the drug’s potential. Today, OptiMind is on the global market. Manufactured in a GMP-certified laboratory in Houston, Texas, OptiMind meets the Food and Drug Administration requirements.

How Does OptiMind Work?

OptiMind in a combination of all twelve ingredients crushed into a powder and put into a capsule. The pill should be taken with water once or twice daily depending on the dose. The manufacturer suggests taking one pill in the beginning. With the one pill, the effects happen within an hour or so. The longer you take OptiMind, the more results you will experience. However, after a while, your body adjusts to the formula and the dosage will need to be increased from one pill to two pills a day.

The capsule provides the building blocks for your brain. These building blocks create acetylcholine which helps your brain to learn and memorize information. At the same time, some of the pill’s other ingredients are boosting your mental energy and blasting away the fog from your brain. Some other of the 12 elements is also increasing the serotonin. Serotonin helps improve bad moods, emotional balance, and sleep cycles.

Ingredients in OptiMind

In the beginning, OptiMind had seventeen different constituents, but in 2015, the manufacturer revamped the formula decreasing the number of components to only twelve. They decided to remove less scientifically driven ingredients and to increase the best ingredients.

The company made these changes to provide the most powerful, efficient product backed by science. They not only removed elements; they decreased some ingredients like L-Taurine. The company also decided to increase phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri, and L-tyrosine. The ingredients were put into a new formula with 12 of the original components.

Being an amino acid, GABA helps the communication between the brain’s cells. This acid helps calm the movement of neurons or nerve cells which in turn helps decrease anxiety and stress. Without stress and anxiety, your brain can focus on a task better.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that is responsible for cell cycle signals. This phospholipid has various benefits. It could improve symptoms of dementia related disorders. It also helps with cognitive decline due to age. This ingredient also helps fight depression, Parkinson’s disease, and ADHD. These benefits are just a few associated with this ingredient.

Vitamin D3 is sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin because it has similar benefits as the sun shining on your skin. The most significant benefit, however, is healthy immune system functioning. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant which helps with certain types of nerve damage and Type 2 Diabetes. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which can give a boost to your brain. Caffeine intake must be regulated to prevent dependency and interference with sleep.

Huperzine A is an alkaloid that comes from Chinese club moss. It is also used to treat dementia-related disorders and can help any overall mental issues. Tyrosine is an amino acid which aids in synthesizing proteins by your body’s cells. It has been proven to treat Phenylketonuria effectively. Taurine is an amino acid, also. It is used to treat congestive heart failure and liver disease.

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that aids in the creation of red blood cells that carry nutrients around in the body’s blood. This vitamin also plays a critical role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of Vitamin B1 which aids in decreasing mental fatigue.

The last two ingredients are plant based and are critical to the overall success of OptiMind. Vinpocetine comes from the periwinkle plant and treats Alzheimer’s disease. Bacopa Monnieri is a herb used to improve memory and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of OptiMind

The OptiMind manufacturer claims the formula provides various advantages. Taking a pill each day will help you stay focused. It will also give you energy and heightened mental performance. Not only will your energy increase; it will also be long-lasting.

The twelve ingredients working together are supposed to change neurotransmitter levels with increased oxygen and nutrient flow. The newly revamped formula provides healing to the brain’s cells and enhances neural growth. It also says that it can drastically improve cognition skills.

Should You Buy OptiMind?

The first thing to remember when deciding whether to purchase OptiMind is it contains 150 mg of caffeine per capsule. The bottle label warns not to consume more than one pill with a three to four hour period. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may not want to use this product. The labeling also cautions if you are lactating, have a medical condition, taking any other medicine, or are pregnant, you should consult a physician before taking this supplement. This pill is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

With all of this in mind, OptiMind does have twelve nootropics listed as ingredients. These nootropics help give you energy, keep you focused, and give you the mental performance needed to be successful in today’s busy world.

OptiMind helps improve neurotransmitter levels by increasing oxygen and nutrient flow in and out of your brain. It also claims to repair your brain cells and promote neural growth. With the free 14 day trial, 100% money back guarantee, and all of these benefits, it is worth trying at least once if you can handle the caffeine issues.

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