Keto OS

Pruvit Keto-OS is another name for “Ketone Operating System.” This supplement is backed by the University of Florida and is in the process of being patented. It was developed by a famous doctor and a panel of experts on Ketosis. Pruvit is a wellness company, and Keto-OS is a weight loss supplement.

What is Pruvit Keto-OS?

Pruvit Keto-OS is a powder mixture you combine with 8 to 10 ounces of water. Keto-OS has received high marks on a certificate of analysis for efficacy, purity, and consistency. There are five different versions of Pruvit Keto-OS.

Keto//OS Max – Maui Fruit Punch

Keto-OS Max

Keto//OS Max – Swiss Cacao

Keto-OS Max Swiss Cacao

Keto//OS 3.0 – Chocolate Swirl

Keto-OS 3.0 Chocolate Swirl

Keto//OS 2.1 – Orange Dream

Keto-OS 2.1 Orange Dream

Keto//OS Kreme

Keto-OS Kreme

The first version is called Keto-OS Max – Maui Punch. Keto-OS Max also just came out with a new flavor Swiss Cacao. This version is the most advanced variant of the Ketone Operating System. This supplement is gluten-free, Kosher certified, vegan, and diary-free.

Keto-OS Version 3.0 is similar to the Bio Max but with Chocolate Swirl flavor. Keto-OS Version 2.1 is another version of the Bio Max but is an Orange Dream flavor. Both of these products are gluten-free and diary-free, also. The last product is Keto Kreme which is made from real coconut. It is a proprietary blend with a patented ingredient. The Keto Kreme is a mental boost and provides your body with healthy fats.

How Does Keto-OS Work?

Your body runs off of three different types of fuels. These fuels are carbs, proteins, and fats. Each of these fuels works differently. With carbs, the body gets instant energy. This power does not last long and typically comes with a crash and a craving for more carbs.

Proteins are the building blocks for the muscles in your body. Proteins can also prevent you from losing fat. The best type of fuel for your body is the last source that you would expect which is stored fat. It takes work to get to the stage where the body is burning fat. This stage is called ketosis. Ketosis produces Ketones which provides a longer lasting energy. Ketones also help you focus and make you feel great. The ketones also help your body to burn fat.

Your body does this naturally, but it is extremely hard for the body to reach this stage. For example, you would have to work out ten times harder than you do now to burn through all the carbs and proteins. This idea is behind all the low-carb diets being introduced. It could take the most dedicated person weeks or months to get into the stage of ketosis.

Once you reach this state, you are the perfect example of energy, focus, and fat loss. Keto-OS allows your body to go into ketosis within 60 minutes after taking it. While in nutritional ketosis, your body will experience numerous benefits from the fast-acting ingredients.

Ingredients is Pruvit Keto-OS

Keto-OS Bio Max Charged is offered with caffeine and caffeine free. The Bio Max Charged has the following components:

Pruvit Keto OS Max Ingredients

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate which are ketones added to your body.
Erythritol which is a sugar-based food additive.
L-Taurine is an amino acid that regulates the central nervous system. It also helps system-wide health.
Fermented L-Leucine is also an amino acid. Your body does not produce this acid, so it can only be obtained through diet. It benefits your muscles, cholesterol levels, and weight loss.
Malic Acid which is a substance found in fruits and vegetables. This acid is produced when carbs are converted into energy.
Citric Acid adds flavor to a product. It helps increase the beneficial properties of antioxidants. These antioxidants provide a wide range of benefits to your overall health.
Stevia is a natural sweetener that adds zero calories to a product. It is beneficial in lowering blood pressure.
Xanthan Gum is used as a thickening agent and stabilizer.
Caffeine is added to equal a full cup of coffee.

The caffeine-free version has the same list of ingredients except for the caffeine. Both product labels state that the products are dairy and gluten free. Both versions are offered with 30 packets per box. Each packet makes one serving of the supplement. In each serving, you get 41 calories.

The most important ingredient on the list is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate which is the scientific name for ketones. Ketones are responsible for allowing your body to enter ketosis which is the state where fat burning occurs. The body takes the burning fat and turns it into long lasting energy.

Pruvit Keto-OS Health Benefits

Keto-OS has a variety of benefits. Keto-OS Max boasts that it optimizes cell regeneration, longevity, and energy. This formula will also increase strength, energy, and focus. You will sleep better and your moods will be regulated, scientists have also concluded that ketones, which this formula promotes, has the following benefits:

  • Promotes longer lasting endurance
  • Regulating and reducing inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Helps prevent strokes
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Helps manage metabolic syndrome
  • Manages mood swings associated with bipolar disease
  • Promotes healthy social behavior in Autistic patients
  • Increase weight loss
  • Shows improvement with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and seizures
  • Improves cognitive functioning
  • Treats headaches
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Makes you fill satisfied
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Helps improve motor skills and performance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Improved blood flow

Side Effects of Pruvit Keto-OS

This supplement’s website does not provide much information about side effects of Keto-OS, but there is a lot of research associated with the side effects of ketones. Ketones can deplete sodium, magnesium, and potassium levels in the body. Ketones can also cause sensitivity to salt and increase the chances of kidney stones forming.

When first beginning the supplement, you may experience digestive irritation. This irritation is caused because your body has not adapted to the extra fats in your body, but after a while, your body will adjust to the healthy fats, and the irritation will go away.

Should You Buy Pruvit Keto-OS?

The ketone operating system comes with numerous benefits, but also some uncomfortable side effects. The benefits may outweigh the side effects. It must be tried to find out. This product does not have a lot of research to back it, but the main ingredient in the supplement does have an extreme amount of research to support any claims.

Pruvit Keto-OS can be used by children with an adjustment to the dose which implies it is safe to use. People with diabetes can also safely use the product which also supports the idea that it is safe.

The product claims to start working within 60 minutes which means you should see results quickly. The best part is the company offers a full refund within three months making it easy to test the product without losing money.

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