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Qualia is one of the latest nootropic supplements on the market. It was created by Neurohacker Collective to help significantly improve cognitive functioning. It is currently very pricey, it starts at almost $40 for a week’s supply and one month’s supply runs to almost $150.

Since Qualia was just released in about late 2016 or so, its effects are still not yet largely known to the public. So far, the reviews have overall given it a high rating ranging from three to five stars.

However, Neurohacker has warned that it is not for everyone. Qualia is the most recommended for type A personality entrepreneurs and high executives who have very high performing jobs that bring in a six-figure income.

What is Qualia?

Qualia is a new nootropic supplement made by Neurohaker Collective that just started being sold to the public. This nootropic supplement promises to improve the neurological as well as the physiological and nervous system functioning.

Neurohacker Collective

It also promises to improve the communication between the brain and the gut, balance hormones and even support a boost in the general mechanisms of the brain and body. It contains an extract called pterostilbene, which is found in various fruits, such as grapes.

This helps to improve cardiovascular health and metabolism, which increases energy and limits the fat that can build up in the body. It was designed to produce noticeable improvement within 20 minutes of consumption. It contains over 40 ingredients split into two dosages.

Benefits of Qualia

Again, since it was just released in around 2016, knowledge of how it affects the public is currently limited. However, most reviews have averaged between three and five stars.

Qualia is a two-step nootropic supplement that is supposed to help provide its users with mental clarity and laser-like focus. Nootropics are the latest trend in health supplements today with many new products coming to market every day.

Other health benefits of Qualia include boosting metabolism, cardiovascular health, hormone regulation, the central nervous system, and blood pressure. It does contain caffeine so it may be disadvantageous to those who have a caffeine sensitivity.

Overall, most experts are currently recommending to give Qualia a try because it provides so many advantages in improving the physical and mental foundations on a more holistic basis.

Qualia Ingredients

Two of the main ingredients in Qualia are caffeine and pterostilbene. The caffeine is equivalent to about two cups of coffee. Those who are sensitive to caffeine or may be at risk for becoming dependent on caffeine will need to monitor those reactions.

Qualia Step One Ingredients
Qualia Step One

Pterostilbene, however, is advantageous because it helps to boost metabolism, cardiovascular health, and blood pressure. There was even a study was done that showed pterostilbene was effective at lowering blood pressure.

Qualia also contains all sorts of vitamins, including Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. The purpose of this is to enhance the cross between the blood-brain barrier. It contains free radicals, such as green tea leaf extract and BioPQQ to help relieve stress and clear mental “fog”.

Qualia Step Two Ingredients
Qualia Step Two

It contains several amino acids, including Taurine and L-Theanine in order to help boost the neurotransmitter and hormonal balance in the brain. The main nootropic ingredient that Qualia contains is Noopept. Noopept helps to boost cognitive function.

Its price range of about $40 for one week and about $150 for a month is what would typically be expected to be seen with a nootropic with multiple ingredients and purposes such as Qualia. It’s a sign that the manufacturer is most likely being honest and that it does not contain any suspicious chemicals.

Should You Buy Qualia?

It should be noted that Qualia is a premium nootropic. When I first started to review this product I didn’t really know what that meant. I have never heard of a premium nootropic before seeing this one.

After reading a lot of different articles on the subject it has become clear to me why Qualia calls itself a “premium nootropic“. The ingredients that are inside of this nootropic are very high quality and it’s a two-step formula. This is why it has the premium label because it’s expensive to make and contains ingredients that aren’t usually found in other nootropics.

Most people will benefit from taking a nootropic but there are some out there that might respond to it differently. Neurohacker even states on their website that this product may not be for everyone.

Before taking this supplement or any other product speak with your doctor to make sure it’s safe. And if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 18 it’s best just to avoid altogether.

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Since this is a luxury nootropic and it has a price to match it. It costs $150 for this two-step nootropic formula which only lasts for 5 servings (5 days). This means if you don’t have the money for Qualia. Then you should probably check out another nootropic supplement like OptiMind.

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