Hair loss can be caused by a variety of different factors and can affect people of all ages. When people begin losing hair, their first instinct is to go online and find a hair loss solution. There are a ton of different remedies for hair loss out there. Ranging from chemicals loaded with bizarre side effects to all natural organic safe hair loss products.

With the current society embracing natural products and their minimal side effects. One such hair loss treatment is at the forefront of natural hair loss treatments. Regenix is the best organic solution treating hair loss.

What is Regenix?

Regenix is a natural hair loss treatment which uses effective liquid biopharmaceuticals obtained naturally. The ingredients work above and below the scalp’s surface and create a healthy environment for hair to grow.

At the same time stops the deteriorative process to prevent further hair loss. It is topically applied to the scalp. It stimulates the growth of hair and reverses hair loss in both men and women.

Regenix Hair Loss Clinic

You can visit Regenix Hair Loss Clinic situated in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers, Los Angeles to get the treatment or you can use the product at home to restore lost hair.

The hair loss treatment programs using Regenix are individually formulated to suit your personal needs because no two scalps are alike.

The professionals at Regenix Hair Loss Clinic will consider your physical characteristics and health background. In addition to hair microanalysis so as to prevent baldness and enhance the growth of your hair effectively.

They will massage the treatments into your scalp three times per week. The clinic has been in operation since 1993. Which has successfully treated more than one hundred thousand individuals suffering from hair loss.

How Does Regenix Work?

When you visit Regenix Hair Loss Clinic in Los Angeles, you will receive instant, personalized treatment program. You can also order the program at home, and you will still receive a custom formula that is particularly designed for your hair.

You simply need to send Regenix hair samples to the clinic every three months, and they will send you the custom formula to use at home after analyzing the samples. The firm will adjust the treatment recipe as you progress.

You can send your hair samples before purchasing the treatment kit or you can buy the kit then send hair samples as you continue with the treatment. The microanalysis will enable the company to personalize the formula based on your condition and the desired outcomes.

Benefits of the Regenix Products

Regenix formula is made up of natural ingredients which are FDA approved for safety. Unlike the non-organic hair loss treatment methods. Regenix has minimal side effects and long lasting outcomes.

Regenix is not a substance that you must use for the rest of your life in order to reverse hair loss. You can slowly wean yourself off the product and you will only pay USD 20 per month for maintenance treatment once in awhile to prevent recurrence of the hair loss issue.

Regenix does not claim to grow hair on a bald scalp but rather focuses on preventing hair loss and reversing the negative conditions which result in hair loss. Regenix hair loss formula enhances the hair that you have by increasing its fullness and thickness, resulting in the look of better hair growth. So, do not expect Regenix to regrow hair where you are bald.

Stages of Regenix Treatment in Preventing Hair Loss

Regenix hair loss treatment uses a customized three stage non-surgical treatment approach.

The first stage of Regenix treatment is the local or cleansing stage that eliminates itching, dandruff, oiliness, and dryness. While increasing the circulation of blood in the region applied. This step prepares the scalp for further treatment as well as cleanses the follicles’ entrances and rejuvenates the scalp.

The second stage is the structural phase where you apply Regenix’s custom formula. There are a number of ingredients in Regenix that deals with acute conditions within the hair follicles which can cause hair loss. This is the stage that the Reginix formula stabilizes the thinning process and neutralizes negative genetic factors at the same time.

For the developmental stage, the final custom formula consists of the various family of ingredients designed to further increase the thickness. As well as strengthening hair that is thinning.

Success Rate of Regenix Hair Loss Treatment

Regenix is almost 100% effective. Obviously, the treatment will not be effective to everyone for it to have 100% success rate.

For it to be effective when used, the Regenix clinic pre-screens the clients using micro-analysis of the hair samples to find the perfect formula for the individual.

Various Regenix Products

There are different Regenix products that you can purchase online from the official website for the company.

You can find the pure balance shampoo, moisture balance conditioning shampoo, essential scalp cleanser, essential scalp protectant, replenishing protein conditioner, directive styling mist, and directive styling gel at prices less than $20.

The natural hair loss treatment jumpstart kit goes for $243. Other products include the B-Complex vitamins, follicle guard, saw palmetto for men, iron for women, Keratin damage control gel, and the heating cap.

These products are different from the custom Regenix treatment; therefore anyone can purchase them even when not in the treatment program of sending hair samples after every three months.

Regenix Treatment Program

You have to purchase the jumpstart kit that includes free hair micro-analysis to be part of the official Regenix treatment program. One kit is meant for one individual and it comes with DVD as well as written instructions on how to undertake the treatment program.

You can also request a free hair microanalysis from the official Regenix website before ordering the start kit. The treatment in the kit consists of one bottle of 12 vials of the liquid solution that covers the first stage of the treatment for thirty days.

Apply this liquid on your scalp every day before ordering stages two and three formulas depending on the hair samples that you provide.

Ingredients in Regenix Products

Regenix formulas greatly differ between customers. That is why the firm does not list its ingredients upfront. However, the fact is that all Regenix hair loss treatments make use of organic ingredients or those that are naturally-derived. All ingredients utilized are safe and approved by the FDA.

Paying for Regenix Products

A discount will be applied when you prepay for stages 2 and 3 of this hair loss treatment. You reduce the cost per treatment when you prepay more. The treatment cost lowers up to $11 from $31 when you prepay for treatments.

The average monthly cost for an active Regenix program is between $140 and $300. Then after, you can enter the maintenance stage of the hair loss treatment program that may cost as little as $20 per month.

Should You Buy Regenix?

Those who have used Regenix hair loss treatment products have developed strong, healthy hair and a better hairline. Their hair no longer falls like it did before.

The results speak for themselves about this product. Hair loss can be reversed without the side effects of treatment products that are made from harsh chemicals.

You will pay approximately $150 to $200 every month for the first few months. Whether you undergo the treatment at home or at the clinic.

Insurance will not cover this hair loss treatment program. Despite the costs that you will incur to complete this hair loss treatment. You should consider their products because every cent you spend on them will be worth.

Thousands of people have enjoyed a healthy, shinier, and stronger hair because they took Regenix. There aren’t too many natural hair loss treatments out there. Not to mention that Regenix is one of the only companies that custom tailors its program to its clients. The only thing you have to lose is more hair if you choose not to use Regenix…