Simply Fit Board

In November 2015, mother and daughter Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman had decided to get one of the sharks from Shark Tank to invest in a new type of exercise called the Simply Fit Board. The mother and daughter team had originally released the exercise board in October 2013. On shark Tank, Clark and Hoffman were seeking an investment of $125,000 for 15 percent. All the sharks got on the floor on the board.

Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC, was the shark who agreed to invest $125,000 at 20 percent. Kevin O’Leary was interested in 30 percent of the company’s interest for $250,000. Greiner featured the board on QVC and has made a television commercial for the product that is still seen on television. It takes place at the beach and people are using the board to the tune of “Wipe Out.” The board is supposed to increase your heart rate and get rid of unwanted fat, making the stomach area thin. It will also tone the legs and improve balance.

What is a Simply Fit Board?

A Simply Fit Board is a hard plastic board that looks a little bit like a skateboard except it is curved and has handles at both ends. It has no wheels. Lightweight and portable, this board is supposed to support anyone up to 300 lbs. It comes in four vibrant colors: Magenta, blue, green, and orange.

How Does a Simply Board Work?

Place the Simply Fit Board on the floor and stand on it with a foot on each end. Twist and rock your body from side to side and front to back. Each session can last about 5-10 minutes long. People who are new to the fit board can grab onto the back of a stable chair while getting used to the board. Once people get used to using the fit board, there are many different types of exercises that they can do.

One advanced exercise is called The Walk. Stand with your feet a shoulder apart rock the board to move it forward and then backward. The Surfer is another advanced exercise. Standing the feet a shoulder width apart, squat low. Make sure the arms are parallel to the ground with being on the ground. Stand up and repeat the movement.

Another exercise is called The Twist. Once again, keep the feet a shoulder width apart while twisting back and forth. The Rock is performed by standing with the feet a shoulder width apart, only try to get the feet to be facing each other. Rock the board back and forth like a teeter-totter motion.

Simply Fit Board Compared to Other Exercises

One of the promises that the Simply Fit Board makes is to tone the abs and legs. The most common exercises have people lying on the floor on their backs, sucking in their stomachs and doing sit ups. Another exercise has people extending one leg while contracting the other leg. The Simply Fit Board makes toning the leg and stomach muscles fun because all you do is a dance on the board, rocking back and forth or side to side.

There are other devices like steppers, rowing machines, and treadmills that are cumbersome and take up too much room. The fact The Simply Fit Board looks like a skateboard makes it a very exciting piece of exercise equipment. It is better than an exercise ball because the board does not lose any air. It does not have to be inflated, to begin with.

Who Makes Simply Fit Board?

Simply Fit Board is put out by Allstar Products Group. The company is located in Hawthorne, NY. The address is PO Box 241, Hawthorne NY 10532. The company says you should expect to receive a response within 30days after you made our request. You would really benefit by visiting the Simply Fit Board site. The customer service number is 800-401-9760.

Where Can You Buy Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board can be purchased at discount stores such as Walmart and Target. I can also be purchased online at and at the Simply Fit If you purchase the board at their company website, you will be able to get all kinds of accessories including an exercise mat and some DVDs. Target and Walmart also have online sites that carry the Simply Fit Board.

How Would Benefit From Using a Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is fun to use and there are always new exercises to keep people interesting in exercising with it. It is easy to store. It fits under a bed or sofa for easy storage. The simply Fit Board can be used anywhere and anytime. From children to senior citizens, there is no age limit to be able to use the board. It is good for males and females alike.

It will take the weight of a thin person and a heavy set person up to 300 lbs. The learning curve for adapting to the board is very quick. It won’t take long before you are using the board like a pro. It costs very little to buy. In stores, it costs $39.95 before taxes. The makers of The Simply Fit Board will give you a 60-day iron-clad guarantee that if you don’t like, send it back and get a 100 percent refund on your purchase price. You won’t even have to pay shipping price.

Working mothers and senior citizens will tend to benefit from the Simply Fit Board. Mothers are busy at work during the day and have to look after their family when they get home. There is very little time to get to the gym. For senior citizens, as a person gets older, he will need to exercise to keep his joints limber. All a newcomer has to do is hold on to a chair and twist and sway until he is able to balance on the simply Fit Board without falling. For seniors, especially, it is important to stay in shape and maintain balance.