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Looking for an all natural detox tea?

Skinny Teatox may be for you if you are either a man or woman looking for an all-natural tea that can help give you more energy, help with weight-loss, and that you can use as a detox.

This detox tea has original and flavored blends as well as tea blends made specifically for men and women. Skinny Teatox is touted as an herbal appetite suppressant that will help people lose weight while maintaining high energy levels.

What is Skinny Teatox?

Skinny Teatox is a two-step herbal weight loss tea. Their official website sells its tea kits with two packages. One package contains a morning tea blend and the other an evening tea blend.

This tea is made up of a blend of special herbs to help the consumer in different ways. One of the teas is blended with herbs that increase energy and suppress the appetite.

The other tea is blended with an herbal mixture that will cleanse the colon and detoxify the body. Tea kits are available for a different amount of days.

Customers that need to lose one or two pounds might enjoy either the 7 or 14-day tea kit but if you need to lose more than two pounds then a 28-day Skinny Teatox Kit might work best.

How Does Skinny Teatox Work?

Drink one cup of the morning energy tea in the morning and one of the evenings cleanse tea in the evening.

The morning tea increases energy for the day, suppresses the appetite, and stimulate the metabolism to burn calories.

The evening tea cleanses the colon and detoxifies the body by helping to flush out toxins that have accumulated in the digestive tract.

These are the two steps that must be taken each day to lose weight, burn calories, and detoxify the body. Each of the teas is specially formulated to work in conjunction with a healthy diet and daily exercise day to help consumers their goals.

The Skinny Teatox website offers recommendations in the frequently asked questions page on what to eat and what not to eat while taking Skinny Teatox.

The website advises that consumers eat primarily fruits, vegetables, yogurt, lentils, beans, and lean protein like fish and chicken along with drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Avoid fatty proteins like hamburger, bacon, sausage, carbs, alcohol, soda, butter, cream, and large amounts of chocolate. It is recommended that consumers that want to lose weight follow their food recommendations to speed up weight loss and get the best results.

Ingredients in Skinny Teatox

The ingredients in Skinny Teatox are all natural and are used to help both men and women. Skinny Teatox includes: Senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger, and more.

skinny teatox ingredientsSenna is a natural laxative that will help clean out your colon. Some of the known benefits of drinking ginger tea are its anti-inflammatory properties.

This may help the colon during the cleanse and help ease some of the side effects of taking Senna which can include cramps and discomfort.

Chrysanthemums are also an anti-inflammatory and also have several vitamins that boost the metabolism and anti-oxidants.

Along with its great taste cinnamon can help lower cholesterol and can help manage diabetes.

Cloves have several benefits including relieving inflammation, pain and aiding in digestion.

Different types of Ginseng have different health benefits. These benefits range from increased energy and improve mental clarity.

Rhubarb has laxative properties that help cleanse the body.

Though these all natural herbal tea blends seem inoffensive people allergic to ragweed may have an allergic reaction to chrysanthemum and drinking too much cinnamon will constipate a person. Another area of concern is the other ingredients which are not named.

Skinny Teatox Health Benefits

If you aren’t allergic to any of the herbs then the tea isn’t likely to harm you but instead will cleanse your colon and soothe the bowels.

The biggest benefit is that the tea will detoxify the body through its use of a laxative. It will clean out the colon and if you follow the recommended food suggestions then some weight loss is possible.

If you don’t follow the recommended food suggestions then the only benefit will be as a laxative.

Should You Buy Skinny Teatox?

Skinny Teatox is marketed as an all-natural weight loss tea. After quite a bit of searching on the internet, I was able to find out that the Skinny Teatox company is based in Canada.

The best way to use Skinny Teatox is to use it only when you need to cleanse your body. It can also be used as a laxative to clean out the body may be helpful for people with digestion and constipation problems but if a person doesn’t follow a healthy diet and exercise every day there are no guarantees that Skinny Teatox will help someone to lose weight.

Skinny Teatox is classified as a health supplement and no research has been done to prove the product does as it claims. Skinny Teatox is similar to other tea detox products sold on the market.

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We think Skinny Teatox is a solid product, it isn’t that expensive and the health benefits far exceed the price. If you want to cleanse and detoxify your body then this is a good detox tea to start off with.

Have you tried Skinny Teatox? Think about buying it for yourself? We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment down below.