According to most reputable medical journals, most average Americans do not get the recommended hours of quality sleep a night, which is between seven to eight hours. And that’s where Somnapure comes in, Somnapure a product of Peak Life guarantees to give you quality sleep and you don’t get side effects from using it.

Peak life uses a formula that addresses all three aspects of great sleep, in that when you take the product you get to fall asleep quickly, have quality sleep throughout your sleep and wake up refreshed. Somnapure is made from natural herbs and extracts, it is also readily available over the counter and you do not have to be given a prescription.

What is Somnapure?

Somnapure is a natural herbal supplement that ensures you fall asleep in minutes, stay asleep all night and wake up in the morning invigorated and rested. Somnapure stand out from other sleep-aid prescription pills because it does not make you sluggish when you wake up the next morning.

The ingredients used to produce Somnapure are well researched and expertly formulated, hence making the product perfect in dealing with sleep-related issues.

Ingredients in Somnapure

Somnapure uses multiple ingredients in its formula to provide its users with a non-habit-forming sleep aid. One of the great things about Somnapure is that all of its ingredients are all natural. You can “rest easy” knowing that the ingredients in Somnapure come from nature and aren’t synthetically made.

Somnapure Ingredients

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, produced in our body (secreted by our brain). Melatonin helps regulate our sleep cycle, in that it makes sure you have a healthy sleep routine. However, as you age the level of Melatonin decrease. For many years melatonin has been used to treat ailments such as rhythm disorders, mood disorders, headaches and circadian.

L-Theanine is a building block of protein found in green teas also called herbal teas. The amino acid increases the alpha activity, hence exhibiting a relaxing effect on the mind. Relaxing is an essential part of falling asleep.

Valerian Extract
Valerian Extract is an extract of the Valerian Root its primary benefits are treating insomnia, promoting relaxation and sleep. This extract is also thought to help reduce the time it takes for a person to fall asleep, it also improves sleep quality. Valerian Extract can be found in form of many sleep aid formulations.

Hops Extracts
Research has shown that alpha-waves can be increased by a combination of valerian and hops. Increasing alpha-waves helps you reduce the time you take before you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality. Most beer use hops as the primary stabilizing agent.

Lemon Balm
Just like valerian extract, lemon balm is also a perennial herb used to promote sleep and relaxation. Research that was conducted years ago showed that lemon balm promotes a calm and relaxed state of mind, which is an essential part in falling asleep.

Chamomile Flower
Chamomile flower is a daisy-like flower that was traditionally used to promote sleep and calmness. It is nowadays used in herbal teas to cause calmness.

Passion Flower
Passion flower is a very vibrant flower that has a unique appearance. It was traditionally used to promote sleep, it is well known for its calming benefits.

Are Somnapure’s Ingredients Clinically Proven?

The ingredients used to make Somnapure have been clinically proven, in addition, the ingredients have been used for centuries to help people with sleep disorder get a good sleep.

Some researchers after taking scientific research on the ingredients have concluded that these ingredients cannot induce sleep in every person who uses them since insomnia is caused by different factors.

Benefits of Somnapure

In the market today there are more than a hundred brands that are said to treat sleep deprivation and insomnia, however, products like Somnapure continue to outshine the other brands since it is not your ordinary sleeping aid.

Peak Life makes sure you are not dosed with chemicals when you take Somnapure since they use natural ingredients to make it. Peak Life staffs are very competent researchers, who make sure Somnapure gives you a maximum number of benefits. The product is nicely packed to avoid confusion, its directions are also easy to follow.

Once you take Somnapure for about four to seven days you start experiencing its benefits, this has been used to proof how effective the product is. While taking Somnapure you do not experience side effects such as addiction, this means you can freely opt to take one dosage or not.

I believe at this point you have seen how effective Somnapure is, however you need to realize your lifestyle plays a major role in the quality of sleep you get. Lifestyle has an effect on most of your bodily makeup, lifestyle also builds or destroy your resilience against stress or certain types of diseases.

Difference Between Somnapure PM and Original Somnapure

There is a big difference between the Somnapure PM and Original Somnapure, Somnapure PM helps you fall asleep by relieving your pain. As we know insomnia is mostly caused by chronic pain.

What makes the two so different is the ingredients used to make them, for instance, Original Somnapure contains traditional aids such as melatonin, valerian, hops, and L-Theanine while the Somnapure PM contains weird ingredients. By weird ingredients, I mean ingredients such as tree nut, peanut, shellfish, wheat, soy, egg, and milk.

Does Somnapure Have Any Side Effects?

Melatonin which is one of the Somnapure ingredients is known to cause side effects such as dizziness, daytime sleepiness, stomach cramps, depression, and headache. Also, valerian root causes side effects such as anxiety, dry mouth and thinking problems which are usually very common.

How To Take Somnapure?

It is very easy to use Somnapure. You are supposed to take two tablets of Somnapure thirty minute to an hour before you go to bed. Melatonin works best in a dark room, so it is advisable to take it at night since it will be more effective. Peak Life recommends daily usage, but most importantly avoid taking more than two tablets in a day.

Where Can You Buy Somnapure?

Somnapure is available online and in major reputable retailers. GNC, Kroger, Shop Rite, Winn Dixie, Meijer, Kinney Drugs Walmart (online only), Walgreens and CVS sells Somnapure and the price ranges from $11.88 to $69.99. In my opinion ordering online works best since it saves you the hassle of having to drive to the store and is also cheaper.

The other alternative is the auto-shipment program online. Try Somnapure today and experience the difference in terms of minutes you take to fall asleep, the quality of sleep you get and how refreshed you wake up the next morning.

Have you used Somnapure to help you sleep? Did it work? Let us know in the comment section below.