Sugar Detox

Time and time again we’ve been warned about the dire effects of sugar on our health. Added sugars (sucrose and high fructose corn syrup) are considered single-handedly the worst ingredient in our modern diet.

Performing a sugar detox like 21 Day Sugar Detox can drastically improve your health. By removing sugar from your diet you are reducing your caloric intake substantially. If you are diabetic than a sugar detox could benefit you the most.

In order to grasp the concept of why sugar is detrimental to health. First, we need to understand what sugar is and how it affects our bodies. Sugar is loaded with calories yet contain zero nutritional value. Eating a lot of calories via sugar is easy to do and that’s why we gain weight when we overindulge on the sweet stuff.

What is a Sugar Detox?

A Sugar Detox is a sort of cleanse that you do to get all of the sugar that you normally consume out of your diet. If you do a sugar detox correctly then you will start to see some pretty amazing health benefits like weight loss, lower blood sugar, and more.

Make no mistake sugar is an addictive substance just like any drug out there and its cravings are hard to resist. There is no time like the present then undoing the damage sugar has been causing to our bodies than right now.

Most people start with a short 3-day sugar detox. Then they will try to do longer sugar detoxes such as 7, 21, or 30 days. There are tons of ways that you can detoxify yourself from sugar, but in this article, we discuss a simple a 3-Step sugar detox plan.

Sugar Detox Cleanse

Benefits of a Sugar Detox

As we’re well aware of the damage that sugar can cause to our health. It’s best to stay away from it as much as you can. When you have completed a sugar detox for the first time you might notice that your cravings for sugar will have diminished tremendously.

The primary reasons why you would want to do a sugar detox is to help you cleanse your body of toxins and other harmful substances. Your energy levels will begin to rise and you will want to be more active.

Other benefits include:
– Better Appetite Control
– Weight Loss
– Increased Metabolism
– Lower Risk of Diseases

Sugar Detox Weight Loss

How to Detoxify from Sugar: 3-Step Sugar Detox

The first thing you do when starting a sugar detox is to eliminate all sugar from your diet.

Step 1: In the first step of a sugar detox you may experience something called toxic hunger. Toxic hunger is a withdrawal symptom that occurs when the body eliminates toxic waste from the body. This is a good sign that your body is cleansing itself of sugar and other toxins.

You need to be careful with toxic hunger because it can wreak havoc on your diet if you aren’t prepared. It typically takes about 3 days to fully get over these cravings for sugar and other foods. Once you pass this first step then you will have become stronger at controlling your appetite.

Sugar Detox Toxic Hunger

Step 2: Replacing certain foods is key in overcoming our eating habits. Keeping our bodies full makes sugar cravings go down. Our bodies need the right kind of foods to overcome carvings we might still have.

What you eat on a sugar detox is entirely up to you and your food preferences. If you don’t like a certain kind of food then replace it with another one that you do like. It’s important to eat slow carb and low-fat foods. These foods will keep us feeling fuller longer.

Sugar Detox Foods:
– Nuts (peanuts, walnuts, etc)
– Lean Meats (chicken, fish, low-fat steak)
– Beans (green beans, lima beans, etc.)
– Carrots
– Beets
– Squash
– Turnips
– Lentils
– Peas

You should be avoiding white bread and other foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates. These will only cause you to gain weight and will not work well with your sugar detox.

Sugar Detox Foods

Step 3: In the final step, you add probiotics to your diet via supplements or probiotic containing foods. Probiotics are considered to be good bacteria because they can help with digestive and other stomach issues.

With the addition of probiotics to your diet, you will start to feel better. Some notice that brain fog that they once had is now gone. Others comment about how weight begins to start falling off.


Should You Do a Sugar Detox?

Do you have a sweet tooth that makes you crave sugar all the time? Or maybe you have noticed that your overeating is taking over your life. If you want to take back control of your eating habits than a sugar detox is a great start at doing that.

The benefits that you can get by doing a simple sugar detox are nothing short of amazing. For me personally, I LOVE SUGAR so it was extra hard the first time I did a cleanse. But I’m sure glad that I did!

After that first detox, I was better able to control my addiction towards sugar. As well as having better appetite control with other foods. I felt great and not only that I was losing weight. It was a win-win all the way around!

Happy After DetoxIf you think that you will improve your health by doing a sugar detox. Then you should start right now! There is no time better than the present in starting one. Trust me, I know it will be hard but you can do it!

For diabetics out there a sugar detox can literally save your life. Of course, before starting any new diet or detox you should speak with your doctor first. They are the only ones that can give you sound health advice.

Whether you want to lose weight or just be healthier a sugar detox can help you with either of those. If you follow our simple 3-step sugar detox above you will be on your way in getting sugar out of your life!

Have you ever tried a sugar detox before? Are you thinking about doing one? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment down below and start a conversation.