The Sheperd's Diet

Have you tried everything to lose weight but it seems hopeless? Most people try diet after diet but constantly fail each one and go back to their old eating habits. Does this sound like you? If so, then keep on reading because you aren’t alone!

Millions all over the United States and around the world struggle to lose weight and have a hard time keeping that weight off. Do you believe in the Bible? Is it weird to say that someone claims to have found a diet in the bible?

Yea… It seems odd, right? I was pretty skeptical at first too.

This biblical diet that I’m speaking of is called The Shepherd’s Diet and it has become extremely popular in just the past few months. It claims to show you foods that Jesus would have ate, a lost secret that makes you lose fat, and a detailed guide to help you get rid of stress.

Does all of this seem too good to be true?

Well, read the rest of our review to find out if this diet plan is right for you!

What is The Shepherd’s Diet?

The Shepherd’s Diet is a revolutionary Bible-inspired health and weight loss program developed by fitness trainer Kristina Wilds. She lives in Denver, Colorado and has authored many books about health and nutrition.

The Shepherd's Diet Book

The diet plan that is in The Shepherd’s Diet helps to get rid of the excess fat in the body using biblical principles to achieve health and wellness. The whole program has been posted online and so is accessible to anyone with internet access.

This program has gained a lot of momentum in 2017 among weight loss enthusiasts. This can partly be attributed to the fact that it doesn’t include drastic changes to your diet or exercising routine.

How Does The Shepherd’s Diet Work?

When it comes to dieting as a means to losing weight, one needs to choose wisely. Chances of choosing a diet that works for you are higher when you are aware of your unhealthy eating habits and what your body requires.

If you are on the quest to lose weight, but struggle with a sweet tooth or tend to have a strong indulgence in salty foods, your diet needs to focus on reducing these.

Sometimes the biggest setback is just overeating, and therefore you will need a diet that helps you to control your portions without starving yourself.

Shepherd’s Diet’s author (Kristina Wilds) says participants can lose up to 51lbs by doing this program. This program is not just the average diet plan but encompasses a variety of nutritional meal plans that tackle all the unhealthy eating habits we frequently engage in.

Since this diet plan is inspired by the Bible, it encourages participants to listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit in their life.

Thus participants focus their energy on finding the biblical guidance in making the right nutritional choices for themselves. It also restrains you from indulging in the unhealthy eating habits that you are struggling with.

Eating Healthy Fats

Unlike many other dieting plans, this program recommends consuming foods that are rich in healthy fats. By consuming healthy fats it will help your body maintain high levels of energy.

It is a long-standing perception that fat is an enemy to healthy eating. A number of diet programs and nutritionists are of the opinion that fat should be eliminated from a healthy diet that aims at weight loss.

Many consumers have been made to believe that consuming fat is the reason for excessive weight gain.

Unfortunately, this is a theory that is entirely far-fetched. On the contrary, however, the incorporation of healthy fats into your diet has a host of health benefits which are not limited to nourishing the skin and improving the digestive functions of your body.

It is important that more people should read the Shepherd’s Diet program to not only change a lot of misconceptions on how the body works but to actually change how their body works.


What to Expect When You Order The Shepherd’s Diet

When you order The Shepherd’s Diet regimen for weight loss, you will get the entire online guide and other extra materials to assist you to maximize the best out of the program and even after you are through with the regimen.

The main guide contains everything you need in order to successfully go through this program. The extra bonus materials include:

(i) What Jesus Would Eat: Grocery Field Guide
(ii) Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Report
(iii)The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol
(iv) Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide

The Shepherds Diet Extras

Each book will cover all areas of your nutritional and dieting needs and goals. The guide (The Shepherd’s Diet) and extras have everything you need to get started.

What Do You Need to Know Before You Start?

The Shepherd’s Diet program is about listening to what God has to say about what we should do with our bodies and scriptures that talk about this in the Bible.

For instance, when we deviate and follow what our bodies desire, we have a tendency to eat anything we crave as much as we can have it. It gets worse when we seemingly do not have any control over our response to the bodily cravings.

The end result is that we get addicted to bad eating habits and continuously gain weight over time, only until the habit is broken.

From The Shepherd’s Diet e-book, you will learn that eating like that is frowned upon in the Bible. Over-indulgence is part of the seven deadly sins we are warned about in Bible school.

Changing Your Eating Habits

The Shepherd’s Diet changes your views about food. Once you understand the program, it will help you overcome overeating and other unhealthy things.

Controlling our bodies to stop overeating is hard at first. With a little practice and some guidance from The Shepherd’s Diet, you can start reducing a number of calories that you consume on a daily basis.

The importance of obeying when the brain triggers the feeling of fullness is that you avoid consuming excessive calories. This means that you will have consumed the right amount of calories that your body can process with the amount of activity that you do during the day.

Therefore, your body will be able to work off that fat during your activity and you will avoid any weight gain. On the other hand, overeating makes the excess food that the body cannot digest turn into fat which is stored in the body.

Over time, if this habit continues, it is what results in weight gain. There are various other eating habits and meal plans encouraged by the guide in The Shepherd’s Diet that you can access once you order the book.

The author of this diet program, Kristina Wild guarantees that change will be visible from as early as two weeks after commencing on the program.

Cost of The Shepherd’s Diet

The e-book guide and the extras come at a total cost of $47 with a money back guarantee. The whole program is available online after your payment has processed.

The program can be accessed across a wide variety of devices that have internet capability. However, because each and every person has different needs and different levels of commitment, the diet may not satisfy everyone’s intentions or expected results.

In that case, The Shepherd’s Diet allows up to sixty (60) days from the day of purchase to give back a full refund. No questions will be asked.

Contacting The Shepherd’s Diet

If you have questions or want to know a little more about this program then you can contact The Shepherd’s Diet support team. They are very responsive and should help you out with everything you need.

Also, if you have already bought this diet plan and aren’t happy with it. Then you can either call them or e-mail them to get your money back. Remember, you must ask for a refund within 60 days from the date that you ordered it.

Phone Number: 1-855-232-7437

Should You Buy The Shepherd’s Diet?

The Shepherd’s Diet is a program that will not drastically disrupt your day to day schedule or anything else about your daily life. It will teach you everything you will need to know to change your eating habits that will greatly improve the health and vitality of your body.

While your body begins to become healthier, your mind will also begin to start thinking clearer. The Shepherd’s Diet also directs you on how to listen to the influence of God in your life.

Other dieting programs frequently encourages doing away with some foods, which usually happen to be the ones you love. The Shepherd’s Diet, on the other hand, helps you eat the food you enjoy in moderation without overindulging.

The cost of The Shepherd’s Diet isn’t expensive and while $47 isn’t an amount of money you just want to throw away. We think that this program does provide its customers with good value.

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If you don’t believe in God or Christian principals then this biblically focus diet plan may not be right for you. But for everyone else, it seems to be the perfect program for them.

Are you thinking about buying The Shepherd’s Diet or have you already tried it? We would love to hear about how it worked for you! Please leave a comment down below to start a discussion about this diet plan.

    • I am being charged $9:95 each month what am I paying for I only got one book and I was suppose to get 3 other gift for $47. I need to cancel my membership. Thanks