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Most of us live our daily lives with “brain fog.” This brain fog makes us unmotivated to do anything and can cause us to go into a downward spiral. A lot of people just think that is how they are supposed to live their lives.

Though, there are different things that you can do to get rid of this brain fog and improve mental performance. The two best natural ways to improve memory and increase focus is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise on a consistent basis.

Thrivous Clarity Brain HealthBut besides the obvious (diet and exercise), there are other things out there that can improve mental capabilities without actually drastically changing lifestyle. One way to improve brain health is to take nootropics. Nootropic compounds have been heavily researched over the past 50 years.

A new supplement called Thrivous Clarity contains a variety of different nootropic ingredients that claim to increase mental performance and brain health. We go in-depth to find out if Thrivous Clarity is actually worth taking or it’s just another supplement that does nothing.

What is Thrivous Clarity?

Thrivous Clarity is a nootropic supplement that helps you become more focused, improves mood, promotes a better memory, and increases overall brain function. This nootropic supplement is designed for everyone. Whether you are older and beginning to become more “forgetful” or if you are a student who needs a little help with studying for the big test.

Thrivous Clarity Bottle

If you are unfamiliar with what nootropics like Thrivous Clarity actually do. Then you are in for a treat! Nootropic compounds have been studied extensively for well over half a century. There is a wide variety of different nootropics out there. To put it in simple terms, nootropics are any substance that can improve cognitive function.

Not many people know that caffeine is, in fact, a nootropic compound. When you think about it though it makes sense. Caffeine improves the way our brain works by increasing energy, focus, and endurance.

Besides caffeine, there are many more powerful nootropic compounds that can provide us with a lot more benefits. And when you stack these ingredients together they create a synergistic effect that maximizes the results they can provide us with.

What makes Thrivous Clarity special is that it contains a number of nootropic ingredients that work together to improve brain function to its max potential. Taking a nootropic stack like this one can provide its users with a ton of amazing health benefits.

Thrivous Clarity Health Benefits

Thrivous Clarity is a nootropic supplement that is meant to help those who’re struggling with either mood, memory, or what some call “brain fog.” There has been a ton of research done by Thrivous to come up with this great nootropic supplement.

The primary benefits that people get from this supplement are:

– Enhanced cognitive abilities
– Better ability to remember things
– Improved concentration
– Increased energy and endurance

These health benefits are common with most nootropics that are currently available. What makes Thrivous Clarity different is that it’s a nootropic stack that uses many different nootropic ingredients to enhance cognitive abilities.

For most people when they first start taking Thrivous Clarity they will start noticing its effects within the first 24 hours. From there they will get the most benefit from it by taking it on a consistent basis for at least a month.

Thrivous Clarity Ingredients

The ingredients inside of Thrivous Clarity have been well researched to show their effectiveness in improving overall brain function. Only natural nootropics are included in this supplement. A great deal of attention was used when Thrivous created this nootropic supplement.

Thrivous Clairty Ingredients

As you can see from Thrivous Clarity’s ingredient label above. There is a large variety of different ingredients that make up this supplement. I’m sure you have heard of a few of these ingredients while there might be some you have never seen before.

Below is a list of the 6 most important nootropic ingredients in Thrivous Clarity:

Thrivous Clarity Natural Ingredients

Bacopa Monnieri – A perennial plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It’s best known as a powerful natural memory enhancer and has studies to back up its abilities.

Rhodiola Rosea – This plant extract is a nootropic compound that has been used to improve physical and mental stamina. A recent study reviewed 11 clinical trials that confirmed Rhodiola Rosea’s health benefits.

B Complex Vitamins – This group of vitamins is essential for a lot of our body’s processes. Our brains work better when we have the correct levels of B Vitamins. There are many clinical trials that are looking at the many benefits of B Complex Vitamins.

L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate – Also known as Levomefolic acid or L-5-MTHF. It is the bioactive form of Vitamin B9 (Folate or Folic acid). This means that our body is able to metabolize it much easier. This is important for those that have the MTHFR mutation. Studies have shown that it can help with depression and other mental disorders.

Adenosylcobalamin | Methylcobalamin – These two compounds are the active forms of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that can improve overall brain health in those that of a deficiency. Also, you can experience an increase in energy without the “crash.”

Zinc – This important trace mineral can enhance cognitive performance. Studies have confirmed its importance for overall human health. An Australian study found that Zinc played a vital role in ensuring healthy brain aging.

Thrivous Clarity Label

The usage label of Thrivous Clarity makes it pretty clear that you should consult a physcian before using. And it says that you should take two capsules every day with a meal first thing in the morning.

Cost of Thrivous Clarity

The price of a supplement often determines if you can actually get it or not even if it can help you out. The cost of Thrivous Clarity is actually pretty fair. When compared to other nootropic supplements it’s A LOT CHEAPER.

For instance, a bottle of Alpha Brain from Onnit (another popular nootropic company) costs $68 a bottle. While Thrivous Clarity costs $36 a bottle for a one-time purchase and $27 a bottle if you subscribe to their monthly auto delivery program.

Thrivous Clarity Price

This makes Thrivous Clarity cost less than 50% compared to one of its main competitors. If the price is a huge factor for you in deciding on whether to buy this nootropic supplement or not. Then it should get some major bonus points because it’s such a great value.

Thrivous Clarity User Reviews

When we were doing our research for our review of Thrivous Clarity. We found a number of different user reviews and testimonials. Most of them praised the effectiveness and positive benefits that they received from this supplement.

Thrivous Clarity ReviewThrivous Clarity Review 2Thrivous Clarity Review 3

As you can see from the 3 user reviews above. People seem to be pretty satisfied with Thrivous Clarity. We tried to find negative user experiences but we were unable to. If you have tried this supplement and it didn’t work like you thought it would. You can leave a comment down below and we will add it here.

Should You Buy Thrivous Clarity?

Before you buy any supplement it’s important that you find out if it will actually work for you. Nobody wants to waste their hard earned money on a bogus product. That’s why you do all the research that’s required before you actually purchase the product.

Enhance Brain Ability

In our review of Thrivous Clarity, we have laid out what type of supplement it is, what kind of benefits it can give you, the ingredients inside of it, and how much it costs. This should be all that you need to know so that you can make an informed decision to decide if this nootropic supplement is right for you.

Who Should Use Thrivous Clarity?

From our research we have determined that Thrivous Clarity works best for people that are dealing with these symptoms:

– Trouble remembering things
– Difficulting maintaining concentration
– Experience high and low mood swings
– Lack of energy or struggle to get through the day

Keep in mind that this is just a small list of symptoms that Thrivous Clarity can help with. Even if you don’t have any of these symptoms this nootropic supplement can improve your mental performance. This will cause you to have more energy, better focus, and have a clearer memory.

We like the Thrivous brand and recommend it to our readers. They create a variety of other nootropic supplements that are made with high-quality ingredients. Thrivous Clarity is most often paired with Thrivous Alpha to produce even better results. Thrivous also produces Serenity (nightly nootropic) and Surge (acute nootropic).

*Please Note: For those that have health conditions or take medications, you should seek medical advice before taking this or any other supplement out there. Even if you are healthy, you should talk with your doctor to find out if this supplement is safe for you.

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If you’re having trouble remembering things every day and you just can’t seem to focus. Then we recommend that you at least give Thrivous Clarity a try. Those who have taken a nootropic supplement like this one have seen a massive improvement in their mental abilities.

Have you tried Thrivous Clarity or another nootropic supplement before? Did it work like you thought it would? We would like to hear about your experience with nootropics! Please leave a comment down below.