Tummy Tuck Belt

Are you someone who is looking to lose some weight? There is something new on the market called the Tummy Tuck Belt. They claim that you can see real results in as little as 7 days.

Can this waist training type device really slim your belly?

Or is it all hype? Find out with our detailed unbiased review!

What is The Tummy Tuck Belt?

Tummy Tuck Belt is different than a lot of other weight loss products on the market. It doesn’t actually help you lose weight instead it slims your belly to make it appear that you have lost weight.

Yes, it can help you lose fat around the waistline but the amount of weight loss is very small. Instead, you will notice that you will start to lose inches around your waistline.

This product is very similar to It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator (Crazy Wrap Thing), while there are some differences between these two products they both essentially do the same thing. They both use a wrap and a tightening gel to help slim your belly by making the skin tighter.

Men and women can both use the Tummy Tuck Belt. This belt is made out of neoprene and is very stretchy. For this review we are going to find out how it works, benefits, and if you should buy it.

Tummy Tuck Belt Benefits

There is only one real benefit to using this product. This benefit lies in the idea of trimming fat off the waistline. There was a study done on this product. Two groups, one goal. The results found that the group who used the belt actually achieved more results, as opposed to those who did not.

Tummy Tuck Belt Results

The other benefit is that it has been on the market for over 7 years. Products like this that don’t actually produce results won’t stay on the market this long. The only products that stay on the market have proven results that are about 90% or greater.

How Does The Tummy Tuck Belt Work?

This waist training belt targets a person’s midsection. Most people tend to gain most of their weight in their bellies. Because of this, devices like the Tummy Tuck Belt were created. The way in which the Tummy Tuck Belt is fairly simple.

how does tummy tuck belt work

The first thing you do is apply Thermal Accelerator Cream to the area where you want to slim down. Next, you put on the Tummy Tuck Belt around your waist and over where you applied the Thermal Accelerator Cream. Leave on for at least 10 minutes and do this 2x a day until you are satisfied with the results.

You can also use the Tummy Tuck Belt in two different ways:

1) Wear it under what you wear for a slimmer look. You can wear it out and about and look much thinner.

2) Wear it while doing going to the gym or exercising. Which will cause your midsection to sweat more and can produce a slimming effect.

Many experts have said that products like this should not derail you from wanting to exercise and eating right. In fact, many have said that eating right and exercise is the only real way to achieve long-term weight loss goals. Using this product in combination with that philosophy is the most ideal to get maximum results.

Should You Buy Tummy Tuck Belt?

Will the Tummy Tuck Belt work for you?


That really depends on you, this product is going to help people the most that actively try to diet and exercise. While you might see results if you don’t diet or exercise. You won’t have the long term results if you did.

Tummy Tuck Belt is perfect for someone that just needs a little slimming here or there. The Thermal Accelerator Cream does work as it’s supposed to. It helps to burn fat around the waistline and the Tummy Tuck Belt ensures the slimming down process begins.

This product isn’t like a corset where it just squeezes you tight to make it look like you have slimmed down. Instead, it uses a powerful thermal cream and neoprene belt to actually change the way you look with out the dangerous effects of a corset.

If you have any medical issues you really need to speak with a doctor before using this or any other kind of product like this one.

Have you ever used the Tummy Tuck Belt before or another waist trainer? Are you thinking about buying it or another one like it? We want to know what you are thinking! Please leave a comment down below so we can start a conversation.