Weight Watchers

What is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is one of the most recognizable weight loss plan and diet program brands. It was founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch because she realized there was a need for a weight loss support group to help women like her lose weight. Though, today Weight Watchers is used by men and women from around the world.

Weight Watchers

You can join Weight Watchers and either go to local meetings, use their online program, or have specialized 1-to-1 weight loss coaching. Weight Watchers is designed to be an easy and simple way to lose weight. They claim to have a science-based approach to their diet plans and fitness programs.

According to a recent study, Weight Watchers on average helps its users lose an extra 2.6% more weight than the placebo group. This study was conducted over a period of 12 months.

As a whole, Weight Watchers is simple and convenient to get started on the road to weight loss. You can use their OnlinePlus program on your phone via an app which can sync up with your fitness devices like a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Benefits of Weight Watchers

One of the great benefits of the Weight Watchers online program (OnlinePlus) is the accessibility of the website. You are given many tools to make tracking your food and activities effortless. The diet is easy to follow and the website is easy to navigate.

Weight Watchers Online Plus

You will learn the importance of eating a high protein diet and following a consistent exercise routine. Following the Weight loss points system will help you reach your weight loss goals. There are success testimonies on the website to encourage you to stay on course.

People also benefit from the knowledge that they gain by making healthy dietary choices. The face-to-face meetings that you can attend is a great motivation tool to help you stay on track. It’s a great way to stay accountable and meet other like minded people in your community.

Weight Watchers has been around for more than 50 years! This is a testament that this program really does help people lose weight. If you look around the internet you will find people raving about how amazing Weight Watchers is.

How Does Weight Watchers Work?

This is a great program to jump start your weight loss journey. You literally have a wealth of information and encouragement at your fingertips. There is a weight loss tracker on the website where you can enter your current weight, your target weight, and your beginning weight.

I like this feature because it makes seeing your progress automatic. Although the program is online you are invited to attend meetings with a group. The online program encourages customers to eat more proteins, fruits, and vegetables. The calories are automatically counted and tracked.

However, each food is given a number that is based on the fat, sugar, and protein content. This number is low if the food is high in protein but low in fat and sugar. Contrary, if the food is high in sugar and fat and little protein that number is high.

The consumer is free to eat whatever they want but in small portions. The online consumers are getting a great tool to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables. They are encouraged to get daily exercise.

The website can be accessed through any device and synced with a fitness device like a Fitbit. This makes it a great tool for active and busy people who need encouragement to reach their fitness goals.

The consumer will sign in to their account and enter everything they have eaten and done for that day. It’s very specific and precise making it easy to track your progress. They also have a food scanning app to make adding the food content automatic. If the food is not recognized in the system you will need to manually input the content information.

Weight Watchers & Oprah

In 2015, Oprah joined Weight Watchers as a spokesperson, consultant, and as a director on the board of directors. She did this by purchasing a 10% stake in the company. Oprah has stated that Weight Watchers has helped her lose weight and stay healthy.

Weight Watchers OprahCost of Weight Watchers

If you are deciding to sign up for Weight Watchers you will have three different choices to choose from. The first being OnlinePlus which is an online portal where you will have many different tools and plans that help you lose weight.

Weight Watchers Pricing

The second being Weight Watchers meetings which include OnlinePlus. At a Weight Watchers meeting, you will have a Pro that guides you through Weight Watcher’s diet plans and programs. Also, there are people there just like you that help support you toward your desired goals.

Lastly, you can sign up with a personal Weight Watchers coach. This provides you with unlimited 1-to-1 phone sessions, personalized action plans, and custom skill training. This also includes OnlinePlus but with a more personal touch, it doesn’t include the local meetings though.

OnlinePlus – Starting from $3.07/week
Meetings – Starting from $5.97/week
Coaching – Starting from $7.11/week

The pricing above will give you a rough idea on the cost of Weight Watchers. With that said, the price does vary depending on where you live and if you buy a month or 3-months at a time. Also, you can get huge discounts on Weight Watchers if they are running a promotion.

Should You Buy Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a great program for anyone who has had trouble losing weight. Whether you want to go to a local meeting, have a coach, or just use OnlinePlus. They have a program that will meet your needs.

The reason why Weight Watchers is so effective at helping people lose weight. Is because they change your mindset on how to lose weight. They have a completely different approach than most diet programs out there.

By using a science-based weight loss approach Weight Watchers is able to provide its users with the most robust diet program available. For you to stay healthy it’s important to learn how to eat the right foods and stay on an exercise plan that works for you.

OnlinePlus is probably the most revolutionary part of Weight Watchers. Before the internet and smart phones, Weight Watchers relied on a “Point System“. Different foods would have different points and you were only allotted a certain number of points that you could use on a daily basis.

This point system changed the way people did diets. Now that we have smart phones that can automatically figure out points for us and track the foods we eat. It’s so much easier to stay on a diet and to see the progress that you have made.

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Losing weight on Weight Watchers is easy if and only if you stick to their diet plan and exercise routine. The cost of Weight Watchers is fairly reasonable with most people being able to sign up for it. People have been using Weight Watchers for DECADES so you might benefit from trying it as well.

Have you used Weight Watchers in the past? Thinking about trying it again or want to sign up for the first time? We want to know what you are thinking! Please leave a comment down below so we can start a conversation about Weight Watchers.